Laneige’s two-toned lip bar features two colour combinations in one lipstick, which transforms the mouth into a work of art. The lipstick can easily express natural gradation by blurring colour boundaries naturally with its diagonal cut and moisturising texture as it glides smoothly on the lips. Its stylish square edge and one-touch sliding method help express intricate lip makeup conveniently.

The cushion tint, meanwhile, offers an ultra-simple, convenient, and multi-use lip product. The cushion tint features a colour stick and smudging applicator to create the perfect gradation. With the cushion tint, women can create both innocent and chic looks, and as a multi-use product, the cushion tint can be used as a high-colouration gradation lip tint with excellent adherence, as well as a cream blush that helps to restore a healthy complexion. Both products come in series of colours to meet the needs of every customer.