The venerable French luxury maison Louis Vuitton will release its first perfume in some 70 years. Entitled Les Parfums Louis Vuitton the new fragrance will draw inspiration from the trunk-maker’s love and passion for fine travel accessories like vanity cases and travel flasks.

For this exciting venture, the brand has set up an atelier in Grasse—France’s lavender-rich Provence region—and appointed its in-house master perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud as the “nose behind the scene” who promises the new fragrance to be a blend of exotic and rare materials that will create a journey of emotions.

How will the new scents smell? The notes in Les Parfums are still unknown, but don’t fret just yet because the research and development behind the product are impressive nonetheless. For the past four years, Belletrud has dedicated his time to finding the perfect scent and settled on the aroma of natural leather, particularly the light beige material used to cover the handles and straps of Louis Vuitton's signature trunks and handbags.

As for the manufacturing process, the perfumer incorporates the newest fragrance extraction technology to develop an exclusive fragrance palette. One of these is by following a complex process of steeping the leather in alcohol and clarification until a limpid note is achieved, free from any hints of smokiness. Furthermore, Belletrud is said to have experimented with exotic flowers such as osmanthus, magnolia and jasmine sambac, and implemented a “supercritical CO2 extraction” method on them. This method doesn’t use any heat so as to ensure the delicate flowers’ scents are maintained and protected.

The first Louis Vuitton’s fragrance, Heures d'Absence, was launched in 1927, and followed by Je, Tu, Il in 1928, and Réminiscences and Eau de Voyage in 1946 (the latter was again re-launched in the 1980s). Set to launch this September, we can’t wait to spritz the lavish leather scent on our skin.


Earlier this week, Louis Vuitton has unveiled seven new perfumes defining it as an “olfactory emotions” and described its seven scents in exotic details: “From the airiness of Rose des Vents to the intoxicating Turbulences, the ecstasy of a first night with Dans la Peau to the mindful immersion in nature with Apogée; from the self-revealing Contre Moi to an exploration of a darker side with Matière Noire and the explosion of the senses with Mille Feux… Les parfums Louis Vuitton describe a journey of emotions.”

Not only that, the French maison has also chosen actress Léa Seydoux as the new face of their Les Parfums, which will be available from September 2016. 

(Photo credit: Louis Vuitton)