A month after the successful release of Fenty Beauty, Rihanna is back and she is bringing the hype again with a jaw-dropping make-up collection. The limited-edition Galaxy Collection consists of Starlit (hyper-glitz lipstick), Galaxy (eyeshadow palette and two-way eyeshadow brush), Cosmic Gloss (lip glitter), and Eclipse (2-in-1 glitter release eyeliner).


Starlit is a creamy metallic lipstick that comes in four beautiful shades: Gravity in Shimmering Hot Pink, Supermoon in Sparkling Peach, Sci-Fly in Glimmering Garnet, and $upanova in Twinkling Pink Orchard. The lipstick product is customisable to your desired shimmery chrome finish.


The Galaxy Eyeshadow palette comprises 14 unique colours with a hyper-reflective sparkle effect that accentuates your eye. Rihanna has made sure that the palette suits all skin tones—it also lets you play around with glitter in a glamorous way. The double-ended eyeshadow brush completes the palette with its blending capabilities.


Just one swipe of the Cosmic Gloss Lip Glitter will take your breath away. The four colours available complement each of the Starlit lipsticks. The Cosmic Gloss Lip Glitter is sure to light up your look with a pop of colour.


The eyeliner is also not to be missed: Fenty Beauty introduces a metallic-to-glitter formula in its new liquid eyeliner and the Eclipse eyeliner is capable of creating both a metallic finish and a dashing, glittering look.


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