Prepare to fall in love with this new product called the Juicy Shaker from Lancome. Its unique features include the shake-it application: a surprising biphasic formula that pairs pigments with lipcare oils, resulting in an adjustable intensity and vibrant sheer colour with a satin shine. This Juicy Shaker has a super-soft and non-sticky texture, even if it’s called a lip oil tint. It is smooth on the lips and it blends perfectly with any kind of skin tone.

 Juicy Shaker comes in unique packaging shaped like a juice-shaker bottle. You can find the lip oil is combined with the pigments inside the bottle. Shake it to activate the biphasic formula and to mix the oils for the lip treatment and infuse the pigment for a pop of colour. Twist the lid open, and dab the soft cushion applicator on to your lips. The lightweight oils will instantly melt into the lip and nourished with no stickiness in sight. You can create a different shades and intensity depending on the application.

 Apply it directly, and you will get a subtle shine and colour on the lips with a smooth and comfy texture and a fruity fragrance. Repeat the application until you achieve the desired colour intensity. Dab the cushion over the centre of the lips to leave them as if re-plumped with an irresistible touch of colour, or apply over the whole lips for a more uniform effect. Or you can create your own perfect-gradient lips by using a nude lipstick or base and applying a dab of red lipstick just at the centre, and blend it in with the Juicy Shaker to create a natural and yet amazingly colourful pout.

 Twenty shades, 20 attitudes and 20 different irresistible fragrances, Juicy Shaker includes some of these star shades:

  • Mangoes Wild: a mango-scented orange-pink, which is also Lily Collins’ darling shade
  • Berry in Love: a pinkish-purple, a declaration of love to the blackberry, the favourite of Lupita Nyong’o
  • Cherry Symphony: a bright red with notes of cherry
  • Apri-cute: a sunny apricot-scented orange
  • Lemon Explosion: a lively rose borrowing its invigorating fragrance from energy drinks
  • Mint to Be: a subtly bluish shade that enhance lips’ pink colouring and add a light-booster for a plumped up visual effect

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