By using its most advanced water-science technology, Laneige promotes youthful skin for all women and positions itself as the world’s moisture expert. Laneige has introduced a variety of water-based skincare and make-up to give you a perfect complexion without the fear of oily skin.

The Time Freeze Line is a complete range that promises completely youthful skin. Using the world’s first dynamic collagen technology, the Time Freeze line will rejuvenate your skin’s collagen to reveal a young complexion by upcycling the aged collagen into new collagen chains. This technology also allows the skin to regenerate quickly by strengthening proteins using an extract from the Korean traditional Yarrow herb.

The Time Freeze Intensive Cream keeps the skin elasticity in balance and improves the density of its collagen while at the same time provides moisture and creates glow and radiance on the external layer of the skin.

The Time Freeze Eye Serum will also help reduce the ageing of the skin around the eyes. It moisturises and prevent dryness and wrinkles around the eyes without making the skin oily. It gives eyelids elasticity and reduces drooping while also improving blood flow under the eye to offset dark under-eye circles. By using seaweed extracts, the eye serum also prevents sun damage to the skin.

When applying, clean your face, and put on a dab of Time Freeze Essence. Dispense two bean-sized amounts of Time Freeze Intensive Cream onto your finger and gently apply on cheeks, forehead and jaw areas. Then use a drop of Time Freeze Eye Serum to dab gently around the eyes. 

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