If you’ve tried many ways to reverse the effects of ageing with little or no results, VIP International Plastic Surgery Center in Seoul, South Korea, may have the most effective solution. VIP provides myriad procedures that address the telltale signs of ageing. If you want to restore your youthful appearance and experience life-changing results in only 10 days, VIP could be the key.

Headquartered in Seoul, the beauty capital of the world, VIP is world renowned as the premier destination for high-quality and innovative plastic surgery procedures. For more than 18 years, it has performed more than 20,000 successful surgical procedures with zero accidents.

VIP is headed up by the prominent board-certified plastic surgeon Dr Myung Ju Lee MD, PhD, who is responsible for bringing both autologous rib cartilage rhinoplasty and the High SMAS Facelift to Korea. He not only specialises in nose and anti-ageing surgeries, but also body contouring surgeries. Currently, he serves as a professor at two universities and is responsible for educating the most talented and brightest plastic surgeons in the industry.

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VIP’s comprehensive package not only includes the surgery and procedure themselves but also the consultation, body exams, nursing care, hospital stay, accommodation, bestin- class post-op care, and a private pick-up service. VIP focuses not only on the results of the procedures but also the experience. Therefore, VIP aims to cater to its patients’ needs on every step of their journey. There is also DRVIP Clinic in Jakarta, where aesthetic treatments are provided.

VIP offers a gold standard—the revolutionary High SMAS Facelift. With this procedure, the ability to pull the deepest layers of the skin in the cheeks, mid-face, and jawline is possible. This scarless and long-lasting facelift is preferred by many because of its natural and incredible results compared with a more traditional facelift. VIP also offers other innovative procedures from stem cell fat grafts to forehead and brow lifts utilising the most advanced technology available. VIP invites you to learn more about its anti-ageing procedures and how it can help you look 10 years younger in only 10 days.

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