Strong and confident are the two qualities that come into mind when we hear the name Gal Gadot. After her success role in Patty Jenkin’s blockbuster film, Wonder Woman, Gal has been an international star and a role model for women out there, known for advocating fairness in the entertainment industry. We can see her keenness in inspiring all women out there to embrace their feminine power and accomplish things with their own strength. 

Pertaining to her ever-growing journey in being the “symbol of feminine strength and beauty as well as a modern, multi-faceted woman” as said by Anne Talley, the Global Brand President of cosmetic giant, Revlon, has signed Gal Gadot as its global brand ambassador for the company’s latest campaign “Live Boldly”. This decision also marked the Israeli actress’ first major beauty contract!

The campaign focuses on the beauty and strength of women across the world regardless of race. Hence why, Gal Gadot is the perfect face for the campaign. Not only representing feminine strength, Gal also represents the cultural shift that is happening beyond the world of Hollywood. Now who can pull off this #GirlPower role better than the Wonder Woman herself!

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