In 2018, contact lenses are no longer something that you wear occasionally as there are so many options in designs and colours to match your style. But choosing the right colour for your contact lenses isn’t always easy since it can be based on your hair colour, your skin tone, and even your make-up. So without further ado, here are some tips on choosing the right colour contact lenses from Indonesia’s top make-up artists.


If you love natural-looking make-up, try going for brown contact lenses. The colour can never go wrong and, combined with a soft pink or mauve blush-on, it will make you look lovelier.


If your eyes are dark and your skin tone is medium but you want your eyes to stand out, try hazel contact lenses. The colour hazel tends to make you look more elegant and cheerful.

Dark Grey 

Grey is the go-to colour if you still want to have natural yet sharp eyes. The colour grey tends to make you look sharp while still looking somewhat natural. Combined with soft make-up and rosy cheeks, you’ll look completely bold in a feminine way. 


Pulling off green contact lenses can be tricky and might take extra guts, but once you put it on your eyes, it will change your whole look. Green lenses will make you look fresher and younger. You won’t have to do much to vamp up your look with green eyes.


If you have a lighter skin and you want your eyes pop out especially with make-up on, then blue is the right colour for you! But make sure to put soft colours on the other parts of the face such as the lips, cheeks, and eyebrows if you want your eyes to take centre stage.

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