In Indonesia, the fashion industry has come a long way and has evolved remarkably. With Indonesian designers confidently selling their collections, the local community has been seen supporting them now more than ever before. Every year, we see a set of fresh and emerging designers who come up with creative and up-to-the-minute collections that we can’t help but try to get our hands on. If you’re looking for some trendsetting looks this year, you’re in luck. Indonesia Tatler has brought together 10 rising Indonesian fashion brands you won’t be able to resist.

Seratus Kapas

Seratus Kapas believes that “Style shall not only glimpse of the eyes, yet also felt on skin.” The brand was first launched in 2015 and has stuck to being sustainable and inspirational. Seratus Kapas, which portrays itself as a storyteller through its garments, believes that every story is unique in its own way. Traditional processes and manual techniques are the processes the brand involves itself in to create remarkable outcomes. Comfortable and sustainable? It's a win-win situation.

Paradise Youth Club

One thing the current generation is fixated on is streetwear culture. This an ongoing trend that has taken over the industry made its appearance in Indonesia a while ago. An emerging streetwear brand, Paradise Youth Club, is based in Indonesia and gives you fresh looks and hip apparel. Since 2015, Paradise Youth Club has dominated Indonesia’s streetwear industry with the coolest sweatshirts, T-shirts, caps, and coach jackets!


One reason we love E E S O M E is because it gives us all kinds of looks, from casual all the way to smart. The brand started off in 2016 and sells dresses, skirts, blouses, and more, all made to leave you looking sophisticated. The brand carries elements of creativity and artistry, both.

Reves Studio

Reves Studio carries three key elements: classic, sophisticated, and knowledgeable. Luckily, these are the three key elements we all want to bring out with what we wear, aren’t they? With kimono tops to asymmetric shirts and everything you’ve ever dreamed of having in your wardrobe, Reves Studio gives it to you along with a hint of confidence.


Imagine shopping for a brand in which every purchase carries a specific purpose. That’s what the sustainable SukkhaCitta is all about. Founded in 2016, shopping with SukkhaCitta means being part of a change for a bigger and better Indonesia. Its simple yet fashionable items have been seen on several celebrities, including Richard Kyle and Eva Celia. Make shopping fun and sustainable with SukkhaCitta!

DINIIRA Official

Ever since 2015, DINIIRA Official has been giving us bomber jackets, blazers, dresses, and lots more that we can’t help but covet. DINIIRA is an Indonesian fashion label that stays up to the minute with current trends in the fashion industry as a whole. Stay young and look fabulous with its many collections.


Fresh and original, Orélwas founded in 2018 by Aurelia Santoso. The brand focuses on creating stunning pieces for the modern woman. Fashionable and innovative, Orél collaborates with Indonesian artisans to achieve its magic. The brand, which believes that green is the new black, will continue to amaze us with its unique pieces.


A ready-to-wear luxury collection curated by Mrs Flamuyen was launched in 2018. Muyen, which presented its spring/summer 2019 collection at Jakarta Fashion Week in 2018, left everyone in awe with its pieces. Muyen celebrates traditional with modern through all its outfits.

Maison Met

In 2014, Mety Choa established a luxury gown business. In 2017, she renamed her atelier as Maison Met, which specialises in made-to-wear wedding dresses, evening gowns, and cocktail dresses carefully fabricated in every minute detail. In 2017, Maison Met debuted its “BLANC” collection at the 25th Couture Fashion Week New York.


allthethingsivedone is owned by two ambitious talents: Dewi Asthari and Alek Kowalski. The two, who have combined both their personalities into creating the brand, have achieved one awesome outcome, allthethingsivedone. Dewi, who is deeply amazed by the history of costumes, and Alek, who carries his liking of New Wave Culture, have both combined their characters and created shirts and dresses, and the list goes on.

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Banner: Photo Courtesy of Maison Met, SukkhaCitta & Muyen

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