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In a fashion world that is constantly looking for something new people are turning to something modest. From the busy city streets of the Middle East to the glamorous catwalk Kaftans are being embarrassed by designers from around the world.

The Kaftan goes as far back as the ancient Mesopotamian era yet now we find it redesigned as a luxury item, as big fashion brands put their spin on the modest garment. This has led to some astonishingly beautiful and elegant collections which are perfect for celebrating the holy month of Ramadan.  


Michael KorsAED-4,281,-Michael-Kors-at-Net-a-porter.jpg


Roberto CavalliAED-6,827,-Roberto-Cavalli.jpg


Oscar De La RentaAED-10,800,-Oscar-de-la-Renta.jpg



Ellie Saab830834_in_xl-elie-saab.jpg


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