Indonesia is home to a huge number of fashion designers carrying both a haute couture collection and a ready-to-wear collection. From the past to the present, we’ve witnessed some of the best Indonesian designers who have left us speechless with their individual talents. It’s no lie that some of our country’s fashion designers have unique pieces that you’ll never find from anyone else. Furthermore, some of our local designers have gone international with their designs—yes, we’re talking Hollywood! So prepare your credit cards because here are 10 Indonesian fashion designers who have au courant lines.

Didit Hediprasetyo: haute couture

Born and bred in Jakarta, Didit Hediprasetyo’s glamorous designs are something you will find hard to take your eyes off. This designer, in particular, creates some of the most enchanting pieces you’ve ever seen. Didit’s brand image shot up after his appearance at Paris Couture Fashion Week in 2010, and his headquarters can be found in Paris, as well. However, you can often find traditional Indonesian elements and components in his designs. Another milestone in Didit’s career was when he collaborated with BMW to design the interior and exterior of a limited BMW series. 

Sebastian Gunawan: haute couture

With his worldly experience, Sebastian Gunawan put all his knowledge together and started his very own fashion house in 1993 in Indonesia. Sebastian looks into each and every minute detail, and that’s what most people love about him. Known for his creativity with crystals and stones, Sebastian designs the most graceful evening gowns that have been worn by countless gorgeous ladies. Sebastian focuses on selling haute couture, primarily. Furthermore, the designer has been recognised both in Indonesia and internationally.

Sapto Djojokartiko: ready to wear

Sapto Djojokartiko started his fashion journey in 1997 when he started studying at the prestigious L’Ecole Superieure des Art et Technique de la Mode, and exactly 10 years later his eponymous label was born. Due to his immense involvement with trends and always keeping up with the flavours of the month, Sapto has also participated in a number of prestigious fashion events such as Jakarta Fashion Week, Dewi Fashion Knights, Fashion Nation 2012, and Sapto Djojokartiko for Harvey Nichols.

Biyan Wanaatmadja: haute couture

After graduating from the London College of Fashion, Indonesia’s beloved Biyan opened his first studio in Surabaya. His style is often described as advanced and otherworldly, and Biyan is meticulous with every little detail of the fabric, colour, texture, and pattern of each and every one of his pieces. Biyan has lived in Europe for 15 years, where he gained a lot of exposure to the fashion industry, before returning back home. After years of hard work and herculean determination, Biyan now has two lines: BIYAN and Studio 133 by Biyan.

Auguste Soesastro: ready to wear

A degree in architecture and film led Auguste to being one of Indonesia’s most elite and recognised fashion designers. He started off his couture brand career in New York City with a brand called “Kraton”. However, the designer expanded his brand into a ready-to-wear line that was launched in Jakarta in 2012. Empowering women with his designs, Auguste believes that every outfit he makes should make women feel confident and comfortable. Most of his designs carry Indonesian elements and concepts behind them.

Tex Saverio: ready to wear

Mostly known for his extravagant and lavish haute couture line, Tex does a ready-to-wear collection, too. Saverio & Liu Limited started off in December 2012 and provides ready-to-wear clothing products under the design direction of Tex Saverio. The first collection was launched in Paris Fashion Week in September 2013 and was aimed at taking the brand onto an international platform and creating something for everyone to wear.

Ghea S. Panggabean: ready to wear

Ghea’s designs have always have a traditional flair to all of them. One of the most acclaimed female designers makes use of Indonesia’s original and indigenous fabrics and uses techniques to create her unique pieces. Ghea has used batik, tenun, and jumputan to create elegant pieces for her ready-to-wear collection. Ghea’s designs always garner positive feedback, and that’s what keeps her collection strong. With a store at Galeries Lafayette in Jakarta and on display in Harrods in London, Ghea’s dressy and smart collection has won her many accolades, the first one being 10th Best of ASEAN Designer Awards in Singapore in 1987. Meanwhile, during the 18th Asian Games, one of Ghea’s pieces from Ghea Fashion Studio was used for campaign posters at the event.

Harry Halim: haute couture

Spending some years in Paris, Harry Halim was born and raised in Indonesia. He pursued his fashion degree at The Lasalle College of Arts in Singapore and has gone international from then onwards. Being featured on CNN, Vogue, and a bunch of other platforms is the result of the hard work and determination behind his designs. Harry also won Best Asian Designer Of The Year at the Asian Young Fashion Designers in 2006. Last year, he opened his first flagship store in Jakarta in the posh Kemang area showcasing an amalgamation of Gothic meets high fashion.

Yosep Sinudarsono: ready to wear

Yosep launched his own line in 2013 and says that the clothes he creates are more based on the functionality and practicality of the products: he creates clothes for women who like to be comfortable and opulent. Yosep’s designs have been seen on several Hollywood big names like Malin Akermen and Terri Seymour, among others. 

Peggy Hartanto: ready to wear

This designer is one @girlboss! From making the cut on Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia to having her pieces worn by Gigi Hadid and a bunch of other international celebrities, Peggy Hartanto is an expert in her designs. Her brand covers the aspects and facets of both a high-end yet ready-to-wear collection and that’s what makes her extraordinary. We can’t wait to see what designs Peggy has in store for the fashion world.

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Banner: Photo Courtesy of Harry Halim

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