A blazer has the ability to make every man appear 10 times more dashing than he already is. Why is that? A blazer makes you look well suited, tidy, and neat, and that’s one look we all love seeing on all men. Blazers come in many different types, colours, and sizes, but there is one thing that they all have in common—they always make you look right. Indonesian men are well known to be fashionable and stylish, so we’ve spotted 10 of our favourite Indonesian men in blazers that will definitely make you stop and stare.

Vino G. Bastian

One can never go wrong in white, the colour of purity and innocence, which looks wonderful when its worn in a blazer situation. Vino looks absolutely fashionable in this super-bright-coloured blazer and he finishes it all off with bright-coloured sneakers, too! 

Daniel Mananta

Nobody does blazers better than our favourite VJ. Daniel Mananta’s look has a little unique colour twist to it. That’s what makes it stand out, doesn’t it? So stylish!

Fernando Sindu

A wedding blazer is one of the best kinds. Not only does it let you look neat and tidy, it also has the ability to make you look handsome—just like Fernando Sindu looks here as a groomsman.

Christian Rijanto

The founder of Ismaya, Christian Rijanto knows how to be both an entrepreneur and a fashion icon. Christian is seen wearing a simple-yet-stylish blazer, and we see dark shades of both black and green.

Kevin Maharis

Kevin Maharis, one of the most well-known beauticians who is making the world a better place one face at a time, also has a strong sense of style. Here, he is seen attending his cousin’s wedding looking as dapper as ever in a beige blazer, grey pants, white shirt, brown shoes, and an Hermès belt!

Revano Satria

Ageing gracefully is none other than Revano Satria. His blazer-and-tie look screams stylish. We’re not sure if it’s the blazer or Revano himself, but when we look at this picture, we’re thinking of all things fashion. 

Abimana Aryasatya

Abimana Aryasatya wears a light-brown blazer and looks extra-modish. We love the combination of dark brown and light brown in this look.

Richard Kyle

One man we can always count on to turn heads is none other than Richard Kyle. Here, he is seen mixing different shades of blue, and let’s just marvel at how magnificent the outcome turned out to be.

Samuel Rizal Arifin

Samuel Rizal Arifin looks extra-snazzy with this look. We never knew that red and blue went so well together, but thanks to Samuel now we do.

Joko Widodo

It’s no lie that our president sure knows how to work a blazer-and-tie look. He knows the perfect balance between being serious and being fun, and he sure knows to carry a look or two too! Mr Jokowi is seen here wearing a trendy blue blazer with a red tie to top it all off.

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