It has been said that the first thing you notice when you look at someone is what kind of shoes they’re wearing, and we’ve come to agree that this is 100 per cent true. Without realising it, when you look at a person the first thing you lay eyes on are definitely the shoes, which shows how important choosing the right pair is. You know what they say: give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world—but let’s be real: the same goes for men. Leather shoes, buckled shoes, boots, or even sneakers, the shoe you choose is what defines your whole look. It’s brilliant how a pair of shoes can make a difference to your whole look. Here are the 10 Indonesian men who did it just right.

Kevin Kumala

Our favourite philanthropist is making the world a better place one shoe at a time. Probably the most-used kind for working men who travel for a living, sneakers are what are seen on this guy. When has a brown sneaker not looked good with a navy-look T-shirt and pants? Kevin Kumala nails it.


Dion Wiyoko

All things trendy are what define this Indonesian actor. Whether it’s boots or sandals, Dion always manages to look just right. Here, he is seen with a light-brown sneaker that comes with a white underlayer. What a great combination of colours.


Chicco Jerikho

We can’t decide what stands out here: the sneakers or the socks, or perhaps they both complement each other? Looking as snazzy as ever, Chicco Jerikho wears socks that carry a rather hilarious saying which are finished with a checkered sneaker. Perfect for a bright day outside.



He sings great and he dresses so well—our Indonesian superstar is a dream. Afgan knows how to pull off a look, that’s for sure. His sneakers look rather stylish and are definitely unique. Who knew that purple, orange, white, and black would look this good together?


Glenn Alisinkie

It’s definitely the era of the sneaker generation, and you have to be be really stylish to rock a red pair like Glenn Alisinkie. Red, the colour of power, with white lines around it are the sneakers we all should have in our closets.


Al Ghazali

Young and attractive is how we like to define Al Ghazali. The singer does street style so well: every look gives off some sort of inspiration. A pink sweater, plus pants and shoes that camouflage against each other are definitely a great look.


Brian Imanuel

We all know that rappers definitely know how to rock a sneaker or two. Always seen dressed up so casually, how does Brian Imanuel look so good? Who knew a yellow T-shirt, tracksuit bottoms, and a blend of black and purple sneakers would look so good together? Brian for the win, as always.


Agus Yudhyono

You can never go wrong with all black, and that’s the vibe we are getting from Agus Yudhyono. Black T-shirt, black shorts, and black sneakers that look 100 per cent snazzy? Yes please!


Yoshi Sudarso

Athletic and handsome were the adjectives that came to our minds when we came across this look from Yoshi Sudarso. It takes someone really fit to rock a suit and sneaker fix like this.

Axton Salim

This cool look topped with Chanel sneakers is everything. A pair of black and white shoes goes with everything, just as Axton Salim shows us in red and black.

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