It’s that one time of the year when we can dress up as anything we want without being judged. Choosing the right Halloween costume may seem hard at first and may get even harder given you have countless to choose from. Just like every year, some recognisable faces from movies, TV shows, and events always make the cut as inspirations for Halloween costumes. Here are the 10 pop-culture Halloween costumes you should be wearing this weekend!

Stranger Things: Eleven

Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven in Stranger Things is one of the most talked-about characters of the year. What makes it even greater is how you can choose from the many different kinds of Eleven to go as: Innocent Eleven hiding in Mike’s basement, Stealing Eggo’s from the Supermarket Eleven, or Prisoner Eleven: the choice is yours. Each of these looks is extremely simple to pull off, and for the bald head situation, our tip is to slick back your hair in a punk style and you’re good to go. Don’t forget your box of Eggo’s.

A Star Is Born: Ally


The latest Hollywood hit, A Star Is Born, also comes with the gorgeous Ally played by Lady Gaga. Giving you a choice to choose from, this Halloween you could go as Ordinary Ally or Famous Ally. Ordinary Ally would wear a simple tank top, patterned pants, and an accessory. Famous Ally, though, goes a little extra with her coloured hair and shining attire. Time to get that wig!

Riverdale: Cheryl

As much as the audience doesn’t like her, let’s be real: everyone wants Cheryl’s wardrobe. A red wig, the brightest shade of red lipstick, and a cool and collected 80s look and we will be mistaking you for Cheryl in seconds. Don’t forget the basic accessories you’d see on Cheryl: yes, a thin black choker!

Deadpool 2: Domino

Covered in all leather from head to toe, you can be Domino from Deadpool 2! A leather tank top, a leather vest, leather jeans, or a leather belt: anything leather will give you the Domino vibe. Don’t forget the white face paint on your left eye!

Incredibles 2: Elastigirl

Flaunt that figure with a red bodysuit and high-waisted briefs, just the way Elastigirl does in Incredibles 2. Feel even more powerful with knee-high black boots. Make sure to add the Incredibles logo so no one mistakes you for anyone else. The black eye mask will also be the perfect accessory to kick off Halloween.

Katy Perry

Always as stunning as a firework, Katy Perry is everyone’s teenage dream. Go green with this lime bodysuit which not only looks extremely stylish, but which is also the perfect Halloween look. Add a pair of transparent fishnet stockings and a green wig, and there you go. You can never wear too much green.

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again: Young Donna

If you’re an easy, breezy kind of girl, you wouldn’t even have to think twice when taking Young Donna as your outfit inspiration this Halloween. Carefree, easygoing, and living her best life, pair up denim overalls with lots of florals and we have a Young Donna replica. Keep the hair simple and let out those beach curls while you’re at it.

Kylie Jenner

Who wouldn’t want to be Internet sensation Kylie Jenner for one night? We know we would! Kylie is always seen wearing different coloured wigs—and pulling all of them off ravishingly. Pink, purple, blue: the girl has tried it all. This Halloween, pick out your favourite coloured wig and pair it up with a white tank top. Don’t forget the lip kits!

Princess Margaret: The Crown

Princess status for the night? Yes, please. Take over Halloween with a princess gown, silk gloves, and the perfect-sized tiara. Just like Princess Margaret, be sure to always have your bright red lipstick on and sharp-winged eyeliner. Don’t forget the glass slippers!


Beyoncé made Coachella 2018 an event to be remembered in history. Queen B took up the stage and lit it on fire with her performance and different outfits. Out of all of them, the one we think you should be rocking this Halloween is her yellow graphic hoodie, denim shorts, and high-ankled sneakers. Not only will they be super-comfortable, but you will look super-cool, too.

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