The football season has taken a toll among many of us with the arrival of World Cup 2018. Keeping up with the late-night matches, monitoring the various teams and observing the players is what we’ve all been up-to this whole month! Certainly, we’ve seen our favorite footballers play on field, but have you ever wondered what they looked like off field? Cause they sure know how to make a fashion statement. Hereby, we’ve gathered 10 football players from this year’s World Cup that are worth insta-stalking. Go ahead, no one is judging!

Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal

Let’s be real, one of the reasons Portugal is a favorite team among us is because of the Charming Cristiano Ronaldo. Off the field, bright pastel colors, denim, tuxedos- this man can carry it all! Nevertheless, the “typical” Ronaldo look is a formal blazer, a pair of blue denims and sophisticated shoes to complete the look.

Keisuke Honda, Japan

Everyone’s pick this season is Japan’s midfielder, Keisuke Honda. With the unending growth in his fanbase this World Cup, the notorious player sure knows how to make a fashion statement when he was seen wearing a watch on each wrist last summer. If you spot messy hair + designer jeans, you know who’s around!

Neymar JR., Brazil

Not only is Neymar JR. a Brazil Winger, but he is also a “Fashion Winger”. No one can carry an appealing smirk as well as Neymar JR. does! “How is it possible for one to look extremely good in anything they wear?” might be the question we ask ourselves every time this footballer comes around. This Brazilian player is giving everyone competition.

Kylian Mbappé, France

Dubbed as “The World’s Most Expensive Teenager”, Mbappé sure knows what he’s up to! This footballer flaunts a variety of wardrobes, ranging from minimalism-wear all the way to khaki. Pay attention, Mbappé portrays himself through his shoes.

Daniel Sturridge, England

“I know I’m the most fashionable player at Liverpool”, said Sturridge. The player dares to be different by trying different things when it comes to fashion. From Gothic to Street Fashion; Daniel has tried it all and takes pride in making a statement with what he wears.

Jérôme Boateng, Germany

Named as GQ’s Best Dressed in 2015, there is no chance we could’ve forgotten Jérôme Boateng! When he’s not on field, Boateng sure is outfield leaving a fashion mark by mixing bright colors and patterned prints.

Sergio Ramos, Spain

When he’s not busy playing football, Ramos sure is out there breaking hearts! The Spanish Player wears an embellished tuxedo and a colorful print like nobody else.

Paulo Dybala, Argentina

If watching Paulo Dybala walking down the runway for Dolce & Gabbana wasn’t enough, Dybala also carries a fitted suit so well. Not only does he play forward for Argentina, but he is also playing forward with his fashion sense, as well.

Mohamed Salah, Egypt

Casual yet sophisticated is unknowingly the best look anyone can carry and Salah makes the job well done. Keeping up with the recent ongoing streetwear trend, albeit a bit confusing, but Salah seems to carry it so well.

Antoine Griezmann, France

We can’t get enough of the French footballers! Greizmann loves his Gucci and is seen with it frequently. Remember when he wore glittery silver trainers to an award ceremony? Stylish footballer Antoine Griezmann sure is.

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