Whether it’s an interview or an enjoyable night out, you can pair a blazer up with almost anything and switch from unfashionable to chic in a matter of seconds. Wearing a blazer has the ability to make you look presentable, classy, elegant and sophisticated all at once. You could be wearing a tank top and jeans with a blazer and it could work. Even a dress and a blazer go well together! The ladies of Indonesia sure know how to dress up and we’ve spotted 10 of them who have absolutely nailed it with the blazer.

 Jessie Setiono

Simple yet sophisticated, Jessie has definitely left a statement with her white blazer and dazzling jewellry.

Olivia Lazuardy

Skinny jeans, a peach top and a very classy Tory Burch blazer. Olivia rocks the streets of Hong Kong and turns heads with this look. Her blazer is unique and goes with almost every color!

 Elizabeth Rahajeng

Everything about this look screams chic. Elizabeth defines classy and fabulous with her red culottes, white tank top and white blazer. This beauty made an even bigger statement with her earrings!

Dian Sastrowardoyo

Stylish is an understatement. Dian’s dropping major inspiration and turning lots of heads with how she styled this blazer. We love this suit & tie!

 Chelsea Islan

Pretty and poised is what comes into our minds when we stumble upon Chelsea Islan’s blazer look. What makes it unique is that it can be worn during daytime or nighttime!

 Kiki Siantar Huillet

You can never go wrong in all white, and thats what Kiki is in. White shorts, white top and white blazer is the way to go! Were only waiting for little coco’s style inspos, taking from her mom!

 Shalvynne Chang

Sugar, spice and everything nice is all we can say about Shalvynne’s blazer look. Something very different about her blazer that seems to code with every color, right? And let’s not even get started on how gorgeous those shoes are!

Rosalindynata Gunawan

Business and fashion all in one is what this blazer is all about. Rosalindynata mixed green, white and her blazer to create one look. We know what color palette were using next time!

Rachel Nathani

Boss lady, Rachel Nathani looks au courant in her bright blazer. The smile she’s wearing makes her whole outfit look so appealing.

Emily Jaury

Young and beautiful is how we like to refer to Emily Jaury. Just like most women, we know how much the color black means to everyone, Emily rocks her black blazer during daytime.

Fitria Yusuf

Classical and timeless are how we look at both checkers and blazers, and Fitria has done it both.

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