Nowadays, sunglasses are not strictly beachwear only. When the sun is blazing and you need to protect your eyes, having the right shades will come in extra handy, and we all know that selecting the right sunglasses is not an easy task considering there so many shapes, colours and styles to choose from.

With this in mind, we’ve gathered together three cool sets of shades from selected brands that not only look stylish, but also boast luxury elements. 

Dolce & Gabbana Sicilian Carretto

Inspired by Dolce & Gabbana’s spring/summer 2016 runway collection, its exclusive limited-edition new glasses collection Sicilian Carretto exudes coolness and a sense of elegance. This time, the collection boasts a rich and vibrant Sicilian tradition, and is made from Canaletto walnut wood with hand-painted relief miniatures. For style, the collection ranges from aniconic white-and-blue striped pattern, 1950s-inspired cats’-eye-shaped glasses with Carretto colours and even 1960s-inspired large cats’-eye glasses that come with floral print interiors. 

Bottega Veneta Spring/Summer 2016

The new women’s eyewear from Bottega Veneta highlights the Maison’s tradition and elegance. This season offers wide range with the forefront being Cylindrical Intrecciato and Micro Intrecciato, which feature cats’ eye shapes in metal and acetate distinguished by a cylindrical woven monel detail, while the Micro also includes cats’-eye acetate sunglasses, but in two-toned combinations that enhance the hot-printed Intrecciato calfskin insert giving a feminine and stylish look. The finishes feature muted shades from dark espresso, navy, Havana, honey-coloured and sparks of red, and are hand-crafted in Italy and Japan using materials such as premium acetate and Japanese titanium.

Police Offside

Police is offering a special treat for stylish men with its Police Offside collection. The sleek and urban eyewear combines classic silhouettes that stand out with its innovative photo-etching technique, flexible stainless steel and cutting-edge design. The selection ranges from retro design that uses coloured metal on the front piece, classic squared glasses that revisit Police’s design and irregular shape frame that is suitable for all the bold and swanky gents out there.

These collections are available at all Optik Seis stores.

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