Disney is finally bringing the live-action fairytale Beauty and the Beast back to the cinema. This time, the adaption from the 1991 classic animation tale will star actress Emma Watson as Belle and actor Dan Stevens as the Beast. With several twists and turn from director Bill Condon and new original songs in the movie, Beauty and the Beast is on many a movie-goer’s must-watch lists.

However, one aspect remains the same in both movies: Belle’s yellow gown from the ballroom scene in Beauty in the Beast is definitely a top contender. After Disney released the film poster showing Belle in a stunning bright yellow princess gown, many fans found themselves waiting in anticipation to see how Belle’s sophisticated fashion will be translated in the live-action movie.  

Before the movie released on March 17 in Indonesia (tentatively), here are the three facts you need to know behind Emma Watson’s fashion in Beauty and the Beast.

How the dress was Made

Designer Jacqueline Durran is the designer behind the stunning yellow gown that Emma Watson wears in the film. Made of silk, Durran experimented with an array of yellow tones and materials to be screen-tested and to get the perfect match and combination. She also added a satin finish to the dress, so it was less transparent than other organza. Not only that, you will see the gown extra gorgeous since they also printed gold leaf and glitter onto it. 

Animation Belle VS Live Action Belle!

Did you spot the differences in the dress between the animation and the live-action Belle? In the animation, Belle is dressed in an off-shoulder, gold-coloured ballgown paired with matching evening gloves. Meanwhile, the live-action Belle is now dressed in yellow bright broad shoulder ball gown and is styled with pulled back hairstyle paired with a thin ribbon. 

Wait, No corset?

For the iconic dancing scene, the team had to make the dress light so that there would be a lot freedom of movement for Emma Watson. In fact, there was no corset in the dress, which allows the actress to twirl freely and left room for her to breathe. 

Photo credits : Disney, Screenrant


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