The standalone New York Men’s Fashion Week may have turned more heads over its Black Lives Matter protest these past weeks, but the male-focused fashion show still serves the purpose of putting new designers firmly in the limelight as well as to push forward creative trends and styles. This, of course, is great inspiration for you to shake up your wardrobe, so here are four trends picked especially for you.

Hybrid, You Say?

One of the key trends from the New York Men’s Fashion Show is “hybrid dressing” or “hybrid fashion”. These clothing mash-ups can be found in American designer Michael Kors’ spring 2017 collection, which provides an array of smart looks with comfortable designs by pairing pea coats with city shorts or anorak trenches with cropped trousers. The same trend can be seen in David Hart X Hart Schaffner’s collection in which beach shorts are paired with blazers, ties and espadrilles.

Colours: Bold, Plain White and Monochrome

Bold colours make a splash on the runway—from yellow and forest green to burgundy—as seen in major brands like Nautica and Robert Geller. Meanwhile, dressing in white from head-to-toe can be seen in Carlos Campos’s latest collection, which features jackets, trousers and shoes along with a jaunty necktie. Elsewhere, monochromic pairing is here to stay as can be seen in Robert Geller’s and John Elliot’s work. Tip: pick monochrome colour attire and combine it with similar shades but in different textures or fabrics.

Prints Please

Major names like Calvin Klein, Tim Coppens and Tommy Hilfiger have featured printed designs in their collections. These vary from graphic waves, pixilated static and even a playful trippy mushroom motif, which makes a mix and match easier and more practical.

Sandals, Sandals, Sandals!

The latest summer footwear trend is none other than the humble sandal. Leading the pack is Calvin Klein with a Teva-style sandal followed by Perry Ellis’s thong and Michael Kors’s gladiator sandal. One thing’s for sure: this will see a surge in demand for male pedicures.

(Photo Credit: Michael Kors, Michael Bastian & John Varvatos)

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