Being an online influencer is a rather new and exciting job, and it now plays a huge role in the fashion industry as more and more houses begin to understand how these media sensations can promote their brands. After all, Cartier sent fashion influencers Kristina Bazan and Chriselle Lim on an exclusive Moroccan trip not too long ago. And, of course, Indonesia boasts top-notch online influencers, so here are the top 5 names that any fashion fan can’t afford not to follow.

Anastasia Siantar

This beautiful lady started her career as a fashion influencer on various outlets, such as and Her tenacity and passion have since led her to collaborate with well-known fashion houses such as Givenchy. Although most of her latest looks are simple and elegant, she’s not afraid to experiment with edgier pieces. The best look we’ve seen so far? Her wedding dress.

Olivia Lazuardy                          

Known for her feminine style, Olivia Lazuardy has soared in the fashion industry and has become a well-known influencer in Indonesia. Her rise to success might have something to do with her approachable personality. She is currently expanding her business, delving into designing, and collaborating with brands like Kenzo. We love her even more because of her cheerful and quirky personality, so make sure to follow her on her blog and other social media.

Claradevi Handriatmadja

As the founder of website, Claradevi’s fashion looks are always accompanied with staple art pieces. She’s the kind of lady you would hope to see at coffee shops or art fairs. She is an effortless beauty that you won’t want to miss. Even with her hair loose and her big glasses, Claradevi manages to balance out more formal looks with exuberance and a graceful and friendly poise.

Sonia Eryka

If you’re looking for a breath of fresh air, Sonia smashes conventions and expresses her creativity not just through her outfits, but also through her attitude. This fashion blogger isn’t afraid to break traditions: her looks are as varied as she is talented. Try jumping on her bandwagon and changing your looks just like this chameleon-like lady.

Ayla Dimitri

Unlike other influencers, Ayla Dimitri opted for Instagram and YouTube as her main social media platforms. Although she still models beautiful pieces, Ayla Dimitri laces her Instagram account with other flavourful parts of her life, such as sports, travels, and not-too-serious selfies. Her authenticity and ability to not take herself too seriously is what makes her a successful online influencer.

 Photo Credits: Brown Platform by Anastasia Siantar, Olivia Lazuardy, Lucedale by Claradevi Handriatmadja, Style Journal by Sonia Eryka, Ayla Dimitri

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