A cheongsam is a one-piece traditional Chinese dress for women, also widely known as qibao. The stylish body-hugging cheongsam that we know today was originally created in the 1920s for socialites and upper-class women in Shanghai. Nowadays, women dress themselves in cheongsams during special occasions. As we are still in the Lunar New Year month, we present you these five ladies whose cheongsam dresses can serve as an inspiration for the upcoming Cap Go Meh, which is the 15th day and the last day of Lunar New Year celebration.


 1.     Nia Ramadhani

This busy mother of three looks stunning in a cheongsam designed by Maria Ruth Fernanda. The dress takes inspiration from the 1920s era in Shanghai during which women often donned body-fitting cheongsams for important events during that time.



2.     Olivia Lazuardy

The cheongsam is often worn during Chinese New Year in Chinese culture dating back to 1925, where, during the Qing dynasty, the rulers mandated Han Chinese people to change their traditional clothing into Manchu style. Olivia Lazuardy looks sweet and elegant in this sleek qibao. The blue colour complements her skin tone well, bringing out her milky tone skin colour.



3.     Christina Lim


The passionate woman who is the executive director for Bumitama Agri Ltd is seen wearing the gorgeous design by Sebastian Gunawan with the perfect hairstyle to complement the gorgeous cheongsam. The cheongsam utilizes silk with golden copper hues to symbolize prosperity. The dress successfully makes her look polished and elegant, ready for high-end events.



4.     Yu Lan Chiang


The avid ballroom dancer was spotted wearing a gorgeous gorgeous floral cheongsam that suits the contour of her body perfectly. As a fashion tip, cheongsams with intricate floral details are also perfect for occasions such as bridal showers and garden parties. Psst: if you are envious of her fit figure, she reveals that she avoid wheat and grains during her interview with us. You can check out the article here 


5.     Agnes Jennifer

Agnes is equally talented in piano and painting as she is in spotting fashion trends. Her choice of cheongsam, designed by Indonesian batik designer Biyan, is absolutely on point. A flowy cheongsam is great for those who are always on the move and desire to remain comfortable.


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