As the fashion collection changes from summer chic outfits to the multi-layered winter clothing, we know that many of you will be wondering what the new trends are this season. Fret not: we’re here to help you to uncover the trendsthat everyone will be talking about and, of course, wear this coming months.

All hail bell sleeves
The longbell sleeve is trending this winter because of the combination of its feminine looks and a hint of dramatic style—and it is also uber-comfortable to wear. The trend can be seen on most Hollywood stars and runway models in the fall/winter shows. Make sure it’s already on your list, ladies.

Cats are one of the most-used print designs seen in runaway shows for the fall/winter 2016. From pussycat prints to kitty jewellery along with classic leopard prints, tiger-print velvet suits and many more: now is the purr-fect time for feline lovers to embrace their favourite animal!

Something velvet
If you think velvet is gothic or old fashioned, think again. This season is all about full-bodied velvets as seen on many runway shows. These range from dresses, bags and coats tohigh-boots and much more.

B is for bomber
The bomber jacket has made a major impact on the fashion world this season. Available in a variety of colours and patterns, from a classic, sporty, embroidered bomber to luxe, silky, baseball jackets, the choices are endless.

Strap it on
When it comes to accessories, the thick bag strap is the must-have item every fashion or bag lover should have this fall. From Fendi to Prada, the fashion houses are on board with the thick, luscious straps. And luckily, they also sell the straps separately from the bags, which gives you more chances for your beloved bags to get an upgrade.

Photo Credit: Alexander McQueen, Kenzo, Dolche & Gabana, Moschino, Richardo Tisci, Sonia Rykiel, Hyperbazar, Nicole Kidman, People Style Watch, Fashion bomb Dialy, Gucci, Prada, Fendi, Tommy Hilfiger.

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