This season we’ve witnessed fashion icons switch up their look and test out unconventional pieces, prioritise comfort, and wear everyday outfits in new ways. Since summer doesn’t end in Indonesia, let's take a look at the hottest outfits that will last you forever.

Jumpsuits & Overalls

Although the world disagrees with Justin Bieber for wearing his overalls, we can’t help but applaud him for sticking up for his own style. Jumpsuits and overalls don’t have to be frowned upon if you pick the style that suits you. These one-pieces can be worn to the mall, to your friend’s party, and even to work. Another trick is to wear it as a cover-up for your swimsuit at the beach.

Off-the-shoulder Tops and Dresses

We can’t stress how many shoulders we’ve seen this summer due to the off-the-shoulder fashion trend. Tight or loose, simple or ruffled, everyone is wearing this piece. Not only does it look elegant if loose and ruffled, the tight off-the-shoulder tops can also complement thick chokers. There’s nothing better than to see coordinated outfits and this is a simple way to do it.

Cropped Tops

Whether it has a crew neck, halter neck, or even turtleneck, cropped tops are a staple piece that should be in your summer wardrobe. Spoiler alert: based on what we’ve seen so far in fall trends reports, cropped tops will survive the summer. If Emma Roberts approves, who are we to say no?

Track Pants

Make way for comfort, ladies: track pants are back in business. The momentum of “athleisure” has not subdued and we can only hope it never does. Pair it up with a blazer and heels for more formal events, or top it off with a bomber jacket to hang out with your friends.

Neutral Ensembles

Even though summer might be the perfect time for bright colours, there’s always room for the neutrals in our closet. Get the classiest white dress from Ellery or the most casual patterned dress from Self Portrait, both perfect for a day in the sun.

Slips & Bralettes

If Superman can be proud of his underwear, why can’t you be? The rise of slip dresses and “bralettes” as fashion pieces has been slow but steady. You don’t need to wear them on their own in public. In fact, there are many ways to style these pieces: a lace bralette would be the perfect peek-a-boo undergarment for your cropped tops and slip dresses can appear chic when paired with a T-shirt underneath.

Photo Credit: The Blonde Salad, Fame Flynet, Emma Roberts, NIGNY (Splash News), The Chriselle Factor, Photographer Group (Splash News)