There are only so many things that you can wear for Eid in this hot Indonesian weather. The main piece of clothing that women wear during this time of the year is a kaftan. If you need healthy tips and if you’re ready to break with tradition, read on to find out what you should be on the look out for and what other things you can incorporate into your Eid wardrobe.


Choose a flattering kaftan

Just because you’re wearing a kaftan, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider which one flatters you the most. Don’t forget to consider your body shape and all those tips about which parts you should emphasise as well as which kaftan gives you the look that you want to achieve. Also remember that intricate patterns and bright colours accentuate your body shape, while darker colours give a slimming effect. If you’ve already bought your kaftan you can still tie it with a belt. It’s common practice in Morocco.



The thing about headpieces is that they pull your look together and make it seem as if you went the extra mile to look pleasant in the company of others. In addition to that, if you don’t have time to do your hair, a headpiece will cover it up. Just make sure you choose a comfortable one that you’ll be willing to wear for the rest of the evening.



Whether it’s a pantone colour, nude, or any other colour, you can create a simple and modern outfit for Ramadan by colour-coding. Vary your pieces by using the same colour with different lightness or darkness, or choose colours that complement each other. While others pride themselves in bright colours and heavy jewellery, try keeping it clean and classy this Eid. You’ll be the star of the show!


Dazzling batik

Never thought you could integrate batik into your Eid wardrobe? You certainly can! Celebrities and fashion lovers alike have turned to batik and other traditional patterns as an alternative fabric for celebrations. Eid is certainly not an exception, so keep on the lookout for beautiful traditional fabrics that you can wear to your Eid dinner plans.



The last thing you want to worry about during an Eid celebration is whether you’re modestly covered or whether your outfit is light enough for you withstand the heat. Although you can opt for a traditional kaftan, you can also choose to wear a simple tunic or dress and top it off with sheer outerwear. Depending on which outerwear you choose, you can either go simple or make a dramatic entrance. Either way, you’ll be prepared for the blazing sun and the cold air conditioner.


Trousers aren’t reserved for men

If you’re not one for dresses or skirts, why not go for trousers? Many modern kaftans also come in sets of beautiful tops and trousers. Give your look a more feminine touch and wear your best heels if you’re still unsure. There are so many beautiful designs that you don’t even have to sacrifice beauty for comfort!

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