When we say dashing and fashionable, we can think of a number of Indonesian men who have got a serious sense of style. Whether it’s putting on a trench coat or simply sporting a suit, these men know where to shop and how to shop. From luxury brands such as Prada to Hugo Boss to everything in between, we’ve collected six Indonesian men who have been spotted in stylish coats from these brands.

Ferry Salim

Indonesian actor Ferry Salim knows how a good coat looks and is here seen in one of them. Custom made by Agus Lim, Ferry Salim was seen wearing this unique and vibrant suit to a Sebastian Gunawan event. What we love about this piece is how the combination of red and black stripes looks so good on him. Furthermore, the fashionable Ferry ends his look with red shoes as well.

Samuel Wongso

A neat, tidy, and well-suited man is everything. Here we see Samuel Wongso on the streets of London looking as dapper as ever. His suit was tailor-made by Wong Hang Tailor and we can’t help but look at how nicely it’s been stitched. Samuel, who also happens to be the co-owner and suit designer of Wong Hang Tailor, definitely knows how a good suit looks.

Dana Maulana

Everyone has a coat out there that’s perfect for them, and let’s just say we love this unique Danjyo Hiyoji piece on designer Dana Maulana. Looking exceptionally remarkable and making a very unique fashion statement, Dana Maulana is wearing a square-patterned suit with patterned pants, and we love the confidence. Ironically, Dana Maulana is the owner of Danjyo Hiyoji.

Afgansyah Reza

Phenomenal singer Afgansyah Reza also knows how to dress phenomenally. Looking as stylish as ever at the 18th Asian Games, Afgan was seen sporting a grey Prada coat and grey pants. The signal we are getting from this look is simple yet very handsome.

Hamish Daud Wyllie

You can never go wrong with a Hugo Boss suit and a bow tie. Hamish, seen in Boss piece here, gives out a very easy and modish energy with his suit. And to complete it, Hamish knows there’s no bow better than a Hugo Boss one.

Axton Salim

When you put vintage and Alexander McQueen together, you know you’re doing things right. Business tycoon Axton Salim is always seen in a well-tailored suit every now and then, but this vintage McQueen piece in particular is the one that caught our eye. And what a perfect Halloween costume is made as well.

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