Any fashionista knows that accessories can make or break your outfit, and the latest adornments to take the fashion world by storm are shell and coin jewellery, as seen on the runway by brands such as Prada.

Want to get your hands on these new cult-favourites for summer? Check out these seven brands that are embracing this iconic '90s trend:

 02100516-tohum_resized_828x924.pngPhoto: Courtesy of Tohum

Seen on the arms and necks of It-Girls such as Leandra Medine, Tohum has propelled to stardom with their modish designs. Designer Verda Alaton received an ELLE style award back in 2015, and is climbing the charts with these seductive minimalist pieces.

Available at Tohum Design

02100517-seaworthy_resized_960x1128.pngPhoto: Courtesy of Seaworthy

Quirky brand Seaworthy has been quietly rising to our attention with their abstract jewellery that champions sustainability. The recent Cuernos Collection affixes form and function through their lengthy 'sample and adjust' process .

The delicate golden pieces focus on the human form, both in shape and in fit, and are already a favourite of Grownish star Yara Shahidi.

Available at Seaworthy

02100517-nalin2_resized_980x1196.pngPhoto: Courtesy of Nalin Studios

Nalin Studios
Coin necklaces are made for layering, and Nalin Studios knows just how to do it. The Insta-famous label brings a vintage sensuality to its coveted pieces that are easy to style with almost any outfit.

The coins themselves have imprints of phrases in cursive and abstract women's faces.

Available at Nalin Studios

02104819-foundrae2_resized_923x1203.pngPhoto: Courtesy of Fondrae

This byzantine-era style brand pivots on female empowerment, describing their pieces as ‘modern heirlooms’ that allow for physical and spiritual expression.

The pieces are not only exquisite charms, but they also incorporate an air of mystique- coin necklaces are engraved with 'Strength', 'Dream' and 'Wings' symbols—for a personal touch, you can customise their Sandi necklace with your own charm and diamond point letter in blue.

Available at Foundrae


02100544-Rejina_resized_956x1126.pngPhoto: Courtesy of Rejina Pyo

Rejina Pyo
London Fashion Week had everyone talking about designer Rejina Pyo, who transforms silhouettes and tailoring from the olden days by transforming them into modern masterpieces.

Her jewellery collection is particularly pleasing, with geometric earrings and gold finishes that have been seen on the necks and ears of many influential women.

Available at Rejina Pyo

 02111908-ScreenShot2018-08-02at11.18.46AM_resized_950x1086.pngPhoto: Courtesy of Rebeccade Ravenel

Rebecca De Ravenel
Popular for her choice of colours and shells, Rebecca De Ravenel flaunts her tropical style—inspired by her early childhood between Paris and the Bahamas—with accessories that are minimal with touches of beach chic.

Her earrings are especially popular for their vivid silk-like cording, all hand embroidered in India, as well as her delicate Ophelia earrings made from natural sea shells.

Available at Rebecca De Ravenel


02105144-peet_resized_950x1016.pngPhoto: Courtesy of Peet Dullaert

Peet Dullaert

Prized for his gleaming bags and earrings, Peet Dullaert's exceptionally intricate and dianty jewellery can be described as nautical-to-urban, as his pieces are reminiscent of sea myths and sunbeams with shimmery-surfaced gemstones, gold tones and pearls.

Available at Peet Dullaert


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