Yes, unfortunately we’ve come to our last stop on this year’s Women’s Fashion Week marathon. We started off with a bang in New York, moved on to London, fell in love with Milan’s runway, and now we’re here to give you all the best looks from Paris Fashion Week. Well, let’s just say we fell in love with the runway in the city of lights. Luxury brands such as Stella McCartney, Chanel, and many more strutted their stuff at Paris Fashion Week and all of them had a story to tell, or, well, a bunch of shocking prints in their respective collections. With Chanel’s runway looking like a beach to Off-White providing us with vibrant patterns, Paris Fashion Week had some of the chicest looks and we’re here to show you which seven Indonesian women can definitely pull of the shocking prints inspired by Paris Fashion Week 2018.

Giambattista Valli: Tatjana Saphira

tatjanaaaaagalli.jpgPhoto: Photo Courtesy of Tatjana Saphira & Getty Images

Florals, classic, and feminine… Yes, we’re talking about Giambattista Valli. Always setting the bar high with each and every one one of its collections, this brand never ceases to amaze. This particular look, though, as seen on the runway is giving us all floral-spiration. The perfect combination of light colours, a hint of chic, and a touch of sophistication: did Tatjana Saphira come into your mind, too? Yes, who else if not Tatjana to get this look right?

Chanel: Chelsea Islanchelseachanel.jpg

Photo: Photo Courtesy of Chelsea Islan & Getty Images

Chanel, as always, never fails to let us down. There’s something about each of its collections that always appears to be outstanding. Chanel gives women the chance to express themselves through every look. We happened to spot this fashion-forward and feminine yet laid-back outfit down the beachy runway and the first person we thought of was Chelsea Islan. With her sharp features and young face, Chelsea Islan and Chanel seem like a pretty great combination.

Stella McCartney: Vannya Istarindavannyastella copy.png

Photo: Photo Courtesy of Vannya Istarinda & Getty Images

Stella McCartney turned heads this Paris Fashion Week with her lively collection. Bold prints and bright colours are what we saw and definitely loved. Now, who better than Vannya Istarinda to put on some bold prints and bright colours? That’s not the only similarity we spotted. Stella McCartney also makes outfits for women with confidence and Vannya is a woman full of it. So Vannya in this Stella piece sounds like a pretty good idea, right?

Louis Vuitton: Ayla Dimitriaylalv.jpg

Photo: Photo Courtesy of Ayla Dimitri & Getty Images

As in every season, there’s something about Louis Vuitton that makes it so hard to stop staring. Next spring, spot a lot of eye-catching pieces from Louis Vuitton’s fierce collection. This floral jumpsuit brought about all kinds of refinement. We’re not sure if it’s the fearless colours or the courageous print… all we’re saying is that if Ayla Dimitri were to wear this, she would look as stunning as ever. Ayla, often seen in printed outfits, knows how to wear them so well.

Off-White: Melly Goeslawmellyoffwhite.jpg

Photo: Photo Courtesy of Melly Goeslaw & Getty Images

We can always count on Off-White to us you the most daring prints out there. Probably one of the boldest prints that walked 2018’s Paris Fashion Week was this particular piece. All we’re seeing is reptiles, reptiles, reptiles—and it’s absolutely stunning. Now, who better than Indonesia’s Very Own Melly Goeslaw to be seen in such a unique piece? Melly, with her sense of style, always dares to be different, and that’s what always make the stunning singer stand out.

Paco Rabanne: Millane Fernandezmillanepaco.jpg

Photo: Photo Courtesy of Millane Fernandez & Getty Images

Spanish designer Paco Rabanne was giving us bohemian vibes this year on the runway. With the mix and match of patterns and how well they went together, Paco Rabanne is a real talent. When we say bohemian and a carefree outfit, of course Millane Fernandez is who we think of. Millane is often seen as living a nonchalant life, which adds up to her laid-back personality and, finally, her easy breezy sense of style.

Isabel Marant: Raline Shahralineisabel.jpg

Photo: Photo Courtesy of Raline Shah & Getty Images 

It’s never a complete show without a little denim, and who better than Isabel Marant to gratify us with a little denim on denim on denim? Yes, a denim jacket on denim shorts on denim boots—also known as the latest and hottest trend. Who better than the stylish Raline Shah to wear a chic, contemporary, and modish outfit like this one, right?

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