Halloween is just around the corner, so it’s about time you bought those candies and prepared your costumes. Whether you still have doubts about your game plan or you usually leave things to the last minute, we’ve got some options that you might have overlooked. Here are some fairly simple Halloween outfits you could wear that were inspired by 2017’s pop culture highlights.

Pennywise, IT

It’s no surprise that Pennywise made it to the list: the question is which? Not only do you have three versions of IT to choose from—the Stephen King book, the 1990 miniseries, and the 2017 remake—if you’re somewhat of a jokester you can also carry a bottle of wine with your outfit and become the meme version of Pennywise. That way, not only are you covered, your friend is also set for Halloween!

 Taylor Swift, Look What You Made Me Do

While IT took centre stage in cinemas, Taylor Swift took the spotlight in real life. After laying low for more than a year, the singer’s comeback caused quite a stir. From the zombie makeover to the bathtub bling, Taylor has given you a wide range of outfits to choose from. Naturally, the complexity of the outfit all depends on you—you could either buy a whole new wardrobe, or rummage through your wardrobe to find your own version of Taylor.

Pregnant Beyoncé

Although Taylor Swift did turn everyone’s heads with her music video, she still could not outshine Beyoncé. There’s nothing more majestic than seeing Queen B glowing as she announces to the world that she is having twins with Jay-Z over Instagram. Whether you’re pregnant or not, we know there’s a part of you who wants to be Beyoncé. So since Halloween is just around the corner, this is your chance to live your fantasy.

Riverdale/Archie Comics

Whether you’re a fan of the old comic or the 2017 CW show, this year will be your first chance to dress up as some of your favourite show’s character. Granted, a lot of people will probably dress up as the main characters of the show, such as Betty and Veronica. So if you want to be different, dress up as one of the more mysterious characters of the show like Jellybean. Nevertheless, Jughead is always a good choice. What’s most liberating about becoming him is that you don’t have to worry about people judging you for the number of burgers you’ll consume—you’re simply a method actor!

“Cash Me Outside" Girl

At the beginning of the year, the Internet was bombarded by Danielle Bregoli’s phrase. Over the course of a few months, Danielle became an Internet sensation. Although you could sport her casual tank top and hoop earrings look from Dr. Phil, you could also put on the iconic T-shirt she wore in her music video. The most important thing is for everyone to know who you are so if you can get your hands on that T-shirt and a long red wig, you’re good to go.

The Ladies of GLOW

Move over Orange is the New Black, this year we’ll probably see more people dressed like the characters from GLOW. If you’re going to a Halloween party that will end up either crowded, hot, or both, this is the outfit for you. Everyone knows female empowerment has been on the rise, but Netflix’s GLOW tackled the issue uniquely. So whether you want to support female empowerment or you want an excuse to dress up like glamorous champion wrestlers, here’s your chance to do so.

Roll Safe Guy

If you didn’t have time to prepare a Halloween outfit but you’ve got a black leather jacket, then this is the perfect solution for you. Not only has the “Roll Safe Guy” become one of the best memes of 2017, all you have to do is put your finger to your head like he did and voila! It doesn’t take much to become him, but if you want to take it a step further then make sure to add a moustache and say words of wisdom Roll Safe-style.

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