Hand in hand with BNI and JD.id, renowned designer Biyan Wanaatmadja presented his stunning BIYAN spring/summer 2019 collection this Tuesday at The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Pacific Place. Taking inspiration from his travels, the designer stumbled upon 19th-century portrait artist Ivan Kuzmich Makarov and fell in love with his colour palettes. Aiming to integrate that into his womenswear collection, BIYAN’s play of romantic colours complements his loose silhouettes and lithe fabrics. Without further ado, here are some of the highlights from BIYAN’s latest collection.


01.JPGPhoto: Courtesy of BIYAN

Descending down the runway in a loose silk gown, model Paula Verhoeven’s outfit was easily one of the highlights from the BIYAN spring/summer 2019 show. Clad in a long white dress and what seems to be white kimono-like outerwear that is perfect for a hot summer day, anyone would look just as breathtaking and as unforgettable as she does.

02.JPGPhoto: Courtesy of Indonesia Tatler

Adding yet another unusual material to his collection, BIYAN’s elegant interpretation of the fishnet is proof of his limitless creativity and artistry. Sewn unto the chainmail-like fishnet vest are small flowers that add hints of femininity to the otherwise edgy outerwear.

03.JPGPhoto: Courtesy of BIYAN

Straight out of Ivan Makarov’s painting, this sheer multi-layered tunic can either be worn as a dress or a top. Behind the pure floral embroideries lies glittery fabric that modernises the Victorian-inspired look. As if that’s not enough, the balloon sleeve outerwear adds for a remarkable cherry on top while still maintaining the elegant and seemingly effortless look.


04.JPGPhoto: Courtesy of Indonesia Tatler

Steering away from mostly cream colours, BIYAN incorporated the same floral fishnet technique into this bold yet muted dress. Tied into a statement bow on the neckline, this modern take on a Victorian silhouette offers a distinctive look. If this isn’t the colour for you, don’t worry because the designer has created a similar blue counterpart to this dress.

05.JPGPhoto: Courtesy of BIYAN

Laced with small intricate details, this dress radiates an angelic yet artistic feel. With what seems to be a never-ending number of layers, the use of multiple sheer fabrics gives a depth unlike any other. Split into two different colour schemes, the darker side of the dress with larger floral embroideries serves as a foil to the other.

06.JPGPhoto: Courtesy of Indonesia Tatler

As perhaps one of the darkest and edgiest ensembles from the entire collection, this look is the perfect mix of sleek and sultry. Underneath the long bold duster lies a black lace top that creates the illusion of bare skin. Whether it’s the design or simply the colour palette, nothing screams fierce like this ensemble.

07.JPGPhoto: Courtesy of Indonesia Tatler

If you’re one to stay away from bright colours even as the spring flowers start to bloom, this is the outfit for you.  Adorned with an ornate flora and fauna painting, this silk ensemble can easily catapult you as the most novel and polished lady in the room.

08.JPGPhoto: Courtesy of BIYAN

Reminiscent of the flapper era, this dress’ silhouette brings back an effortless glamour one rarely sees in today’s party scene. Hung on delicate spaghetti straps, the sheer shimmering fabric used is the kind of cool and sensual that leaves you wanting more. With blue flower embroideries on its topmost layer, this timeless piece is exquisite enough to wear on its own.

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