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Korean makeup has significantly influenced the beauty industry in the past years. The signature Korean makeup look consists of straight brows, ombre lips, and minimal eye makeup. There are tons of girls, and even boys, that are a fan of the iconic Korean makeup look.Consequently, Korean makeup has received a lot of hype for the past few years. For that reason, many beauty vloggers, including ones based in Indonesia, have done numbers of makeup tutorials based on Korean makeup style. Read on to find out eight beauty vloggers that has done Korean makeup for your referral.

Janine Intansari

With more than 160k followers on Instagram, Janine Intansari is one beauty vlogger to watch on Youtube. She has created so many creative makeup looks that revolve mostly around Korean makeup. From purple to blue eyebrows, Janine plays with a lot of colours and does not stray away from bold and bright ones. Her makeup looks give her an appearance alike to many Korean girls. Check out her makeup tutorials here.

Irna Dewi Official

Irna Dewi has showcased many makeup tutorials to her 175k subscribers. It’s clear that she’s a huge supporter of local brands. She even presented us with a Korean makeup tutorial using all local makeup thus making it very accessible for everyone to achieve the look. Learn and watch the video here.

Molita Lin

If you keep up with Molita Lin on Youtube, you would know that she’s a big fan of Korean makeup. Most of her videos are Korean-inspired makeup tutorials and she even does reviews on Korean makeup products. With more than 300k subscribers on YouTube, Molita likes to shares all her tips, opinions and explains clearly as she shows the steps of her makeup tutorials. If you love Korean makeup as much as her, she definitely should be your go-to YouTube vloggers. Check out her Youtube channel here.


Sasyachi is the beauty vlogger to watch if you’re looking for tips on makeup and hair styling. Her makeup tutorial ranges from western-inspired makeup to Korean-inspired ones. In addition, she’s also quite a fan of Korean makeup as she does reviews on Korean products every once in a while. Watch her videos here.

Abel Cantika

With nearly 500k followers on Instagram alone, Abel Cantika is one of the most popular beauty vloggers in Indonesia. Her makeup style is a combination of western and Korean makeups. Sometimes Abel could post very glam makeup looks, and other times she goes for a soft and natural Korean-inspired makeup look. Learn to achieve many of her beautiful makeup looks by watching her tutorials here.

Devienna Makeup


Devienna has more than 300k subscribers on Youtube. She has created various makeup tutorials, from celebrity-inspired looks to glowing Korean makeup looks. If you want to learn how to achieve a certain makeup look, there’s no doubt about watching Devienna. Check out her videos here.

Lizzie Parra

Aside from her amazing reviews, Lizzie Parra can also deliver stunning makeup looks. She has various videos on smokey eye tutorials; however, her everyday natural look is actually Korean-inspired. Compared to her tutorials that require wearing more heavy makeup, she goes for a more natural and simple makeup for everyday. Check out her Youtube videos here.


Most of you may know Cindercella for her incredibly creative makeup looks. However, aside from teaching us how to achieve those crazy makeup looks, Cindercella also knows how to do natural-looking makeup that incorporates Korean makeup style and products. With her fun personality, it’d be fun to watch and learn her tips and tricks. You can find her Youtube channel here.

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