A few decades ago, the first thought that would have come into our minds when we talked about sneakers would have been their use for sports. But those days are long gone. Sneakers is now used for every single occasion, and what’s great about this is how it fits so well for everyone. Sneakers have also recently made an impression in the fashion industry. Meanwhile, Indonesia is home to a number of fashionable men who are serious sneakerheads and own some of the coolest and most up-to-the-minute sneakers. From red, blue, checks, or stripes, as long as it’s sneakers, they are wearing them. Let’s look into eight serious sneakerheads and maybe get a little guiding light.

Chicco Jerikhochiccojerikho.jpg

Photo: Photo Coutresy of Chicco Jerikho

The Indonesian actor not only astonishes us with his movies, but he seriously inspires us with his choice of sneakers. Chicco is always seen sporting a top-notch look every now and then, and most of them have sneakers involved. As you can see here, we picked out three of the sneakers that looked best on Chicco. The first one, which is Nike, strikes out so well with his outfit: there’s nothing like a comfortable sneaker to rule the day, right? The second picture is Chicco looking extra-dashing in brown sneakers, and what we love about these is how the jacket and the sneakers come from the same colour palette. Last, but not least, is a cooler and more collected look, which yet again involves a super-funky set of sneakers with black and white boxes printed on them.

Gading Martengadingmarten.jpg

Photo: Photo Courtesy of Gading Marten

It wouldn’t be a complete list without this sneakerhead. Indonesian actor Gading Marten has a collection of the world’s coolest sneakers. Yes, we’re talking Adidas Yeezy’s, Vans, New Balance, Asics, and Nike. Rumour has it that Gading has a total of 200 pairs of sneakers. Gading knows which sneakers to invest in and exactly what to wear them with, as well. Here, we’ve gathered three distinctive sneaker looks, and it’s no lie that all of them do justice to the guy! The first is a Nike green-and-white pair of sneakers and the best thing you could ever pair a sneaker with is a hoodie—and Gading’s is doing the job just right. Moving on,  we see a chilled-out, bright set of sneakers in which Gading is seen pairing them up with a casual T-shirt. Lastly, we also spot white high-knee sneakers worn with contrasting colours, and you know what they say: white goes with everything. 

El Rumielrumi.jpg

Photo: Photo Courtesy of El Rumi

Young, bold, and absolutely stylish is none other than Ahmad Dhani’s little El Rumi. If you’ve been Insta-stalking him, you’d definitely have noticed that this man is the epitome of stylish. Even better, El Rumi knows how to nail a sneaker look, as well. El Rumi is seen dressed up rather formally, yet with sneakers; this time, very au courant. Walking down the streets of London is El Rumi seen in a varsity jacket with a pair of casual sneakers—yet another great combo. Last is El Rumi serving up seriously inspirational looks with track pants and white sneakers. Boys, time to take notes.

Rayi Putra Rahardjorayirayyyyy.jpg

Photo: Photo Courtesy of Rayi Putra Rahardjo

Rayi “RAN” makes it onto our list of Indonesia’s serious sneakerheads primarily for his love of Air Jordans. It is said that he owns up to 150 pairs. We looked on his Instagram feed, and, well, found some of the greatest sneakers known to mankind. Vibrant colours and striking patterns? Let’s get to it. First, we’re feeling a lot of streetwear vibes with this look, and well these grey sneakers are sure something we’ve never seen before. Secondly, did you ever think orange Nike sneakers would ever look this good? Rayi sure makes it look extra-special. The third sneakers are Jordan 3 Tinker “Justin Timberlake”, and let’s just look at how gorgeous that colour is. Rayi has paired them up stylishly with his Diesel piece.

Brian Imanuelrichbrian.jpg

Photo: Photo Courtesy of Brian Imanuel

Indonesia’s rap icon is also a sneaker fan. Brian, on and off stage, is often seen wearing some of the trendiest sneakers you’ll ever lay your eyes on. Moreover, Brian also has a very cool and collected sense of style, and is seen in athleisure most of the time, which is why sneakers always look so good with whatever he puts on.  Firstly, a sneaker look from when Brian’s career kicked off. Moving on to the white ones… Well, everything looks so good in white, right? The black sneakers we see in the last picture are definitely something that looks like a grab! We’re loving his sneaker collection.

Joshua Suhermanjoshuasuherman.jpg

Photo: Photo Courtesy of Joshua Suherman

It’s safe to say that Joshua Suherman is Adidas’s biggest fan. From owning Adidas Superstars, Adidas Superstar Pharrell Williams, Adidas Supercolours, and many more, Joshua knows his sneakers. Paired again with a hoodie, Joshua nails white sneakers; then we move onto his orange sweater/black sneaker look, where everything seems so right. The skateboard makes it even cooler. We’re loving the mixture of street and sport. Lastly, Joshua mixes blue, red, and black, and whoa! It sure is one awesome combination.

Axel Matthew Thomasaxel.jpg

Photo: Photo Courtesy of Axel Matthew Thomas

When we say Axel, we think street style all the way. If you take a look at his Instagram feed, you’ll know what we’re talking about. Axel has been keeping up with the streetwear trend right from the start and has never failed to impress, and streetwear involves a lot of sneakers. Some of Axel’s best sneaker looks are these. First off, a thick faux-fur jacket that is the same colour as his sneakers are yes please! This man knows how to style things up in a jiffy. Red and white? Another yes please! The second sneaker look is casual yet something we all want to be seen wearing. Last, but not least, the orange sneakers make another appearance with very contrasting colours again.

Brandon Salimbrandonsalim.jpg

Photo: Photo Courtesy of Brandon Salim

Brandon Salim is definitely one of Indonesia’s most stylish men. If that’s not clear enough, who would have thought a black-and-white checkered piece would go so well with red sneakers and a red bum bag? Brandon just proved it right. This look is seriously one for the books. Creating yet another fashion statement with his second look—another shocking striped print with sneakers—Brandon’s putting us all to shame. Lastly, Brandon pairs a floral T-shirt with white jeans and white sneakers. How is it possible for this guy to look so good all the time? It’s time to take major inspiration from this fashionista.

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