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Indonesian celebrities and socialites are fans of the French luxury brand Hermès, especially its gorgeous handbags. The majority of these well-heeled ladies are often seen flaunting their Birkin and Kelly handbags and posting them on their Instagram feeds to their huge numbers of followers. Hermès handbags are a favourite of many ladies, especially due to perfection in craftsmanship and attention to details along with a consistent increase in value, which makes these handbags valuable investments. Here, we have narrowed down some of our favourite Indonesian celebrities and socialites who flaunt Hermès handbags we love.


Widely known for her lavish and extravagant fashion style, Syahrini has been seen carrying her collection of Hermès handbags numerous times. From rare mini Kelly handbags to exotic crocodile Birkin’s, Syahrini have proved herself as a Hermès devotee.

Sandra Dewi

Celebrity-turned-businesswoman Sandra Dewi always manages to dress well, even during her maternity days. She’s also often seen carrying her Hermès handbags wherever she goes. Not only that, Sandra also likes to accessorise her Hermès handbag handle with a Hermès silk twill scarf.

Maia Estianty

Music producer and singer Maia Estianty is always been well dressed for any occasion and likes to pair her stunning outfits with handbags we would die for. Her many handbags include Hermès bags, and on her recent trip to Europe, she was seen carrying a rare printed Hermès birkin bag on the streets of Paris.

Agnes Monica

Superstar Agnes Monica is never afraid to experiment with new looks, even when it comes to hair. Agnes Monica, aka Agnez Mo, always manages to flaunt chic and edgy outfits and pair them with cool handbags. Recently, she posted about her time in Los Angeles while carrying a Hermès black crocodile Birkin bag.

Miranthy Hakim

The owner of women’s clothing line known Alula, Miranthy Hakim definitely knows her fashion as she tend to pair her stunning outfits with luxurious handbags. It’s safe to say that Hermès is one of her favourite designer brands since she likes to carry Hermès bags to the many places she goes to.

Sendy Yusuf

Serving as the chairwoman of Jawa Barat Batik Foundation, Sendy Yusuf is always seen attending events in glamorous ensembles, especially in kebaya and batik dress. However, that doesn’t stop her from wearing designer leather goods such as a classic black Hermès Kelly handbag.

Cindy Angelina

Co-founder of Esqa cosmetics Cindy Angelina is active on social media as she shares her vacation photos where she can be seen carrying designer handbags. In one of her posts, she shared a vacation photo taken with her best friend and carrying an adorable fuschia Hermès Kelly handbag.


Pop diva Krisdayanti tends to pose in lavish couture gowns, but she’s also known for pairing her Hermès bags according to the colour of her outfit. In this photo, she’s seen carrying her white ostrich Hermès Birkin handbag, which she wears with a white lace jumpsuit.

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