@ireneisgood - Irene Kim wears a top and trousers by Miguelina; Rosy sunglasses, Finley handbag and Micah sandals by Jimmy Choo


@anny_styleontop - Anny Fan wears a swimsuit by Kiini; Vivy sunglasses by Jimmy Choo

@janechuck - Jane Chuck wears a dress by Emilio Pucci; Flynn heels by Jimmy Choo

@justinelee425 - Justine Lee wears a dress by Saint Laurent; Candy clutch and Veto heels by Jimmy Choo


@lizzzuy - Liz Uy wears a top by Marques’Almeida; Rosy sunglasses by Jimmy Choo


@thehautepursuit - Vanessa Hong wears a dress by JH Zane; Karima heels and Andie sunglasses by Jimmy Choo


@yoyokulala - Yoyo Cao wears a dress by Reformation; Maxine handbag and Hustle slides by Jimmy Choo


@yvesching - Yvonne Ching wears a dress by Dolce & Gabbana; Montie sunglasses by Jimmy Choo

Photos: Candice Lake

 A work trip to the Maldives— that’s an oxymoron if there ever was one. But in late April, Jimmy Choo flew eight social media stars to the Maldives for precisely that.

Cumulatively, the group of influencers on this trip had more than 3.7 million followers on Instagram. So the irony wasn’t lost on us when we descended upon the Constance Halaveli resort and not one could detect a single signal bar from our mobile carriers.

Thankfully, the property had high-speed Wi-Fi—so while our bodies baked under the Maldivian sun, our fingers tapped away to give our followers a glimpse of the paradise we were treated to.

Jimmy Choo’s #ChooTravels is an ongoing campaign that takes digital influencers to exotic locales to engage with and discover the brand’s latest collections. Previous projects took place in Morocco, India and the Swiss Alps.

“This trip did not feel like work at all,” gushes Philippine stylist Liz Uy. “How could it, when the itinerary included a yoga session in the morning, a massage in the afternoon, and an incredible view of the Indian Ocean every single day?”

The pre-fall collection included an array of beach-friendly laceup espadrilles and slides, fringed and studded handbags and jewelencrusted sunglasses. Set against the backdrop of white beaches and turquoise-blue water, the women—who styled themselves, of course—were shot by London-based fashion photographer Candice Lake.

And luckily, in between takes, we all found time to relax and get some sand in our Jimmy Choos.

(Text: Justine Lee)

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