With traffic on the increase many people are turning away from hard-to-reach malls and heading online. The Internet is packed with the promise of everything your heart could desire, and, as a result, a new luxury market has formed. High-quality and popular high-end brands are all available to those who venture into the luxury online retail world. So to help you with your next shopping list, here are eight online luxury market places to check out. 


Picture Courtesy of Alibaba

With brands like Gucci and Saint Laurent joining the Chinese online shopping site you know that you are in the lap of luxury. As China becomes more interested in Western brands, this is sure to become an ever-more-popular luxury site.


Offering a range of clothing brands for all ages, this is a great place to shop for all the family. Backed by the slogan “affordable authentic luxury”, the site focus on cool street-wear and has a “hunt her closet” section where you can match your purchases with famous Asian artists.


If bags are your thing, then this is the luxury market place for you. With constant sales on luxury brands like Michael Kors you will be spoiled for choice. Also, if you’re looking for what is popular the “in demand” section will keep you in the loop.


The focus on this site is to make your choices easy. Right off the bat, you can choose women’s or men’s sections, which lead you to specific topics. These icons include “New arrivals” and “Latest trends” so you know where to go for what you need. 


From real estate to watches and jewellery this site has it all. Every luxury need is taken care of with a special section for those rarities or experiences that fulfil the criteria for the luxury category. Even if you’re not in the mood to purchase anything, this is a great place to window shop.


As with Maxuri, this is a luxury site that has everything. The “home and living” section is a particularly special option, as it offers a range of luxurious brands and designers that can transform your home or apartment into the envy of anyone lucky enough to visit. 

James Edition

This is the pinnacle of luxury, with not only jewellery and watches on offer but also private jets and yachts. Also, if you really want to live a life of luxury, why not take a look at the helicopter section to escape the Jakarta traffic?


This luxury fashion market is like having a mall in your home. Every fashion request is taken care of with even make-up having its own section. Along with the to-be-expected bags and shoes, you can also purchase sportswear.


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