Whether you’re looking for Chinese New Year dresses or an ensemble for an upcoming party invite, Sebastian Gunawan’s Blissful Blossom collection knows no limits and will most likely have something for everyone. Together with Cristina Panarese, the designer duo created 63 astonishing ensembles for their Ritz-Carlton Pacific Place fashion show on February 5. So without further ado, we present the nine most memorable looks from their show:

AIMG_0010.jpgPhoto: Photo Courtesy of Tim Muara Bagdja

There’s no denying that this dress’s modest silhouette and sparkly red fabric somehow creates a subtle sexy appeal. Whether it’s the length of the dress or its deep red colour, this is the perfect outfit for anyone who wants to stay sultry yet modest at a Chinese New Year celebration with their family.

AIMG_0025.jpgPhoto: Photo Courtesy of Tim Muara Bagdja

Taking on a more innocent look, Sebastian Gunawan’s sheer white dress can be worn not only for Chinese New Year festivities, but for any other occasion. Although the sheer fabric naturally exuberates a sensual aura, its lace details and choice of colour balances it out and instead creates an angelic look.


Photo: Photo Courtesy of Tim Muara Bagdja

What better way to dress up for the upcoming festivities than to put on this glamourous twist on the traditional cheongsam? This one is made for those of you who are eager to show off your curves while still being respectful to classic Chinese New Year traditions.


Photo: Photo Courtesy of Tim Muara Bagdja

Imagine walking down the hall of any party in this dress: how would you feel? It might take a little more guts to pull off this look, but once you’re clad in this dress, you’ll be glad to know that you’re the star of the show.

AIMG_0233.jpgPhoto: Photo Courtesy of Tim Muara Bagdja

Although it doesn’t really show from this angle, Sebastian Gunawan has created the most intricate sleeve details that would remind anyone of marvellous royal dresses. While the colour might be neutral, with this structured pleated skirt, any lucky lady would look regal yet still playful at the same time.

AIMG_9327.jpgPhoto: Photo Courtesy of Tim Muara Bagdja

If you’re looking for an edgy outfit to wear to your Chinese New Year dinner, we’ve got the perfect one for you. You might think that a fitted ensemble such as this might look simple and sleek, but the combination of a classic uniform-like top half and the glittery deep red skirt will bring out the bold fashion chameleon in you.

AIMG_9391.jpgPhoto: Photo Courtesy of Tim Muara Bagdja

While fitted cheongsams might seem appealing for Chinese New Year festivities, there’s no denying that upon leaving a dinner party they might not have the most flattering silhouette. You might want to consider beautiful hassle-free outerwear such as this that will have your back if you are thinking of having a feast with your family and friends.

AIMG_9435.jpgPhoto: Photo Courtesy of Tim Muara Bagdja

Similar to the previous short outerwear, this long dress will still stay flattering on any occasion while adding a little bit of curve with its A-line shape. Needless to say that isn’t its only appeal: the delicate blue flower embroidery against the black silky smooth fabric truly brings out the intricate details, just as this dress would bring out the beauty in any of its wearers.


Photo: Photo Courtesy of Tim Muara Bagdja

Everyone knows that Sebastian Gunawan’s collections aren’t complete without a play on different materials. Not restricted to Chinese New Year, this fun pastel pink dress can be worn to any occasion. It might already look enchanting in pictures, but you would have to witness this dress in real life to truly comprehend how much its movement truly brings it to life.

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