The talented designer Monica Ivena established her eponymous bespoke line at the end of 2011 after graduating from LPTB Susan Budihardjo Fashion School in Jakarta. Her first official bridal and evening dress collection, “L’Héritier”, was launched in April 2015 followed by “Wonderland” in May 2016 and “Eisberg” in May 2017. But she has always aimed higher than that. To boost her brand to an international clientele, Monica recently decided to join The Clique, a PR, brand consulting and brand management agency based in Hong Kong that was founded by Faye Liu. Here, she shares with Indonesia Tatler how The Clique has successfully helped Monica’s brand to propel onto the global stage.

 How did you become a part of The Clique and what makes you interested to join the agency?

I found out about The Clique via top accessories designer Rinaldy A. Yunardi as he is already represented by them. His international exposure has resulted in huge success of his brand, and since I also aim to make my brand exposed internationally, I decided to join The Clique. 

 What are the services that The Clique assists you with?

The Clique assists me with brand consulting which includes branding strategy, product line reviews and styling my collections.

 Are you currently working on any major clients or projects, especially through the Clique? What are the notable international projects you have done so far?

Through The Clique, I have scored major clients such as Taiwanese pop diva A-Mei for her latest music video, “Story Thief,” which is widely released in Asia. My dress is also featured on America’s Next Top Model (ANTM) Season 24 Episode 1 which marks the return of Tyra Banks to the show. The runway was styled by renowned stylist Nicola Formichetti who is a frequent collaborator with singer Lady Gaga.

One of Monica's stunning creation, worn by Korean actress Clara Lee

 What would you say are the benefits of joining the Clique? How has it helped you to launch your brand to these international clients?

I have the opportunity to be recognised internationally with a long term plan for my brand.  My brand image has also upgraded to an image suitable for the global stage. Last October, I had a chance to work with my first international client in Qatar.

 Do you see any difference in your brand before and after joining the Clique? Would you say that the Clique makes it easier for you to maintain client’s relationship, promote your brand and introduce you to new clients? 

Yes, absolutely. I have rebranded to a more modern and international image. In May, I released a new prêt-à-couture collection, “Eisberg”, unveiling the new and improved Monica Ivena—and the launch received excellent press reviews. Many have commented that it was my best collection to date. I learned to produce a cohesive collection and improve the quality of my products. Working with The Clique also allows me to expand my social networks.

 Of the clients or projects you’ve worked on to date, could you please tell us which clients or projects were highlights for you?

I designed the dress for Indonesian actress Chelsea Olivia’s engagement and tea ceremony. Also, working with my first Asian superstar A-Mei and Korean actress Clara Lee, as well as being featured in my first Hollywood TV series ANTM.

 Who is your favourite fashion designer and why he or she inspires you?

That would be John Galliano, especially when he was at Christian Dior. I admired him for his creativity and outlandish designs.

 According to you, what are the wedding trends to watch for in 2018?

A classic silhouette refreshed for a modern appeal.


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