The name steven huang may only be familiar to those few discerning clients in the know; those who order their bespoke dresses to be made to exact tailoring and specific styles. His personal flourishes and distinct creativity might only show through a little in these cases, so Steven regularly produces mini capsule collections to fully unleash his imagination to the fullest.

“Narcissism Beauty” is one such collection’s concept and name, reflecting confidence in a woman’s sense of exquisiteness and style that themselves make for a unique personality in each sweet piece. Daring to be different, Steven includes within the collection a series of dresses called “Army”, which draw on today’s active participation by women all around the world in the different branches of the armed forces both in combat and non-combat roles.


In each of the collection’s designs, Steven not only celebrates women’s feminine and fluid movements, but juxtaposes them with pale army green for a touch of masculinity. Furthermore, Steven never shies away from the use of unconventional materials to further his design codes and purposes.

In the case of “Army”, the material of choice is taffeta, with its unique qualities that bring volume yet remain airy. The result is a modern and light dress giving room to today’s woman and her quick movements throughout a day’s busy agenda—or the night’s many parties.


Taffeta also gives an artsy feeling to Steven’s wedding gowns in the collection to add to his signature romantic flair in pure white with detailed tailoring that will delight brides-to-be. Room to move in his dresses reflects modern women who are free to pursue the lives they lead.

The result is a line of airy and modern gowns that are perfect for either fancy garden parties or grand ballroom soirées and which fit perfectly with the confidence every woman has somewhere in herself.

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