After years of working in the fashion world, Tex Saverio proudly presented ABSOLUTEX on May 25 at the Dian Ballroom of the Raffles Jakarta hotel. The designer, who has successfully rocked the fashion world in the domestic and international markets, finally rolled out his own couture fashion show for the first time. In the show, the designer—a member of the Asian Couture Federation—also collaborated with premium beverage label Absolut Elyx as well as renowned accessories designer Rinaldy A. Yunardi.

After two years of preparation, the ABSOLUTEX show was divided into three major sequences with the themes of Purity, Passion, and Evolution. The theme of Purity was represented by the use of transparent materials, plural details and a white colour palette, while the Passion theme was translated by Tex through ranks of black dresses with avant-garde silhouettes, corsets and floating materials. In closing, a variety of long dresses with opulent details was presented as the Evolution theme, which encapsulated the vision of Tex Saverio’s absolute elegance and luxury.


For this first solo couture show, Tex revealed that it was time to present his work to the fashion and creative industries in Indonesia. Through ABSOLUTEX, he looks forward to continuing to provide motivation to these industries, especially in the world of fashion in order to keep them creative and create their best work. Tex is confident that Indonesia has enormous creative potential, no less powerful than any overseas markets.

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