Skin quality is a growing concern for women.

Good skin is usually defined as “glowing, hydrated and radiant” or often mentioned  as “babyskin-like”. Humans have natural substance in their body to maintain skin elasticity and moisture which will give the skin its firmness and radiant look.

However, as we age, the self mechanism of our cells to heal themselves will slow down. It makes us to be more prone to free radicals and UV-radiation, which can cause problems such as redness, pigmentation, inflammation, and thinning skin with fine lines.

In Evitderma, a thorough consultation and skin diagnostic with the skin specialists will give you ideas of what your skin needs. You will be offered a treatment plan of combination skin boosters fitted to your skin condition.

The Skin Healer Rejuran, that contains the ingredients that can reverse the skin aging process. It repairs the skin cells from deep inside by stimulating collagen production and kickstarting the skin’s healing ability to improve skin elasticity and heal damaged skin. While Volite, The Skin Hydrator will hydrate the skin and allow our protective barrier to remain intact to fight environmental factors that can damage our skin and our body.

Your skin will appear younger, healthier without changing how you look like. Both of skinboosters are not injectables like filler or neurotoxin like Botox. You will stay yourself only with better looking skin!

Evitderma clinic has also opened its fourth and latest branch at Hang Lekir street. With its luxurious and cozy ambience, enjoy yourself with some skin treatment only at Evitderma.