Gucci Art Wall in Lan Kwai Fong, Hong Kong

As the creative director for Gucci, Alessandro Michele is bringing many new elements into Gucci’s fall/winter collection. Fall and winter seasons are often associated with dull, dreary moods, but he is changing all that with the latest collection by Gucci in which he has collaborated with major baseball team the New York Yankees, the Viva! Volleyball manga by Chikae Ide, and Paramount Pictures for one unforgettable collection that will surely elevate your look to new levels. The entire collection reminds us again of why Gucci is at the forefront of luxury brands because it is not scared of challenging the norms and standards imposed by society.

The entire collection revolves around the theme of “Cyborg”, with the name representing a contradictory creature that is keeping together different elements, from nature and culture, masculine and feminine, normal and alien, through to psyche and matter: all these conflicting essentials are held together harmoniously by the Cyborg.

The Gucci Cyborg collection breaks the concept of identities apart, dissecting them until they no longer exist. The collection explores various materials that range from tweeds that are designed in unexpected ways and materials to artistic Macramé that is sewn in detail, blue-striped shirts that can be paired with virtually anything, light satin materials, and body jewellery sewn with impeccable craftsmanship. These are just some of the highlights adorning the entire fall/winter collection.

The Gucci Cyborg has no fixed identity or place of origin: it is a hybrid with eyes on its hands, two heads, and it talks about the possibility of being liberated from the natural conditions we are born into. Why is it impossible to be the man or woman you have always wanted to be? With this as his mantra, Alessandro Michele is passionate in creating a new personal identity, whether it is a hybrid reality or a choice of clothes, and that passion is clearly translated into each single piece he has designed.

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