Fashion house Diesel has long been known as a pioneer in denim and casual wear. Founded by Renzo Rosso in Italy, the brand started as an outsider that was ahead of its time. Over the years, it managed to maintain its identity and at the same time evolve into an iconic global brand that targets fashionable youth, or as Rosso likes to describe it: “A brand that would stand for passion, individuality and self-expression.”

So it’s not surprising to see Diesel’s latest fall/winter 2016 collection continue to challenge the status quo, experimenting with new and fresh ideas and innovating and provoking at the same time. This season, Diesel is actually going back to its roots, mixing rock themes with denims in military and sporty looks resulting in a super-high-energy collection.

The collection offers both menswear and womenswear and features myriad design flavours with a strong 1990s feeling. This can be seen in its biker jackets that come in “Il Tricolore” colours peppered with gold stars, or football-style scarves remixed into ready-to-wear graphic sweaters and dresses.

As for military styles, Diesel is offering unique apparel that starts with different camo pants pieced together with parachute straps that run across the bomber jackets, or MA-1 sleeves joined onto sweatshirts. There are also classic military designs that are paired with fashion blues: new hybrids of colours that will most definitely stand out.

Meanwhile, the accessories line still has that Diesel pizzazz and attitude: footwear focuses on creepers and boots feature motorcycle quilting. Diesel is also jumping on the gender-neutral bandwagon and offering items that can be enjoyed by both sexes, such as its iconic Zip-Round sneaker for the ladies, and the duffel bag complimented with Le Zipper (a homage to the biker jacket zippers) is also presented in their menswear collection for the first time.

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