By now, you may have already heard about Choupette, Karl Lagerfeld’s adorable cat who is perhaps the world’s most famous and pampered cat. If you haven’t, fret not because we will give you the highlights.

Meet Choupette, a cat owned by the fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld—the head Creative Director of Chanel, Fendi and his own fashion label—is a 6-year-old birman who is really living the fab life. Born on August 19, 2011, now she is probably the most famous cat on the globe and might be the cutest cat to ever exist!

Choupette was once owned by supermodel Baptiste Giabiconi, but after Lagerfeld looked after her for a couple of weeks, he immediately fell in love with the kitten. The next thing we know, Choupette had become Lagerfeld’s muse, and, of course, Choupette became one of the biggest fashion inspirations for Lagerfeld, such as on handbags, keychains and shoes. Lagerfeld even collaborated with Steiff to make Choupette limited dolls.

Choupette now lives in Paris with Lagerfeld and has two maids who are always ready to spoil her and serve her every feline wish. She even has her own Instagram account, @ChoupettesDiary, with more than 100,000 followers.

Choupette is surely different than other stay-at-home cats: she is an independent business cat who makes nearly US$4 million a year by modelling for her daddy’s brand and by becoming Shu Uemura’s makeup inspiration “Shupette”.

Choupette always travels by private jet and and claims herself as a “Chanel Pussy”. Take a look below to find out more about what Choupette does with her luxurious life!

  1.  Just casually walking around on her private jet


2.    Posing with daddy!

 3.    Posing with Gisele 

 4.    Inspiring the Choupette Collection for Karl Lagerfeld 

 5.    Modelling gig for Vogue with Kendall Jenner

 6.    Inspiring the Choupette miniature by Stief 


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