Berluti’s 2016 fall/ winter collection is going to take the fashion world on a journey. The muse and biggest inspiration of the collection is the desert of Marfa, Texas, which creative director Alessandro Sartori travelled through. Its sun-bleached sands, scrubby wild grasses, burned asphalt roads and dust covered detritus all make an appearance in the collection.

The colours are themselves sampled from elements of the desert: scorpion black; prickly-pear and stone shades of red; salt-lake white; asphalt grey; rust orange; buffalo brown; cactus-flower violet; gasoline blue; and desert-grass and treebark shades of green.

In order to take the collection to even greater heights, Sartori enlisted the help of another artist: Scott Campbell. Hailing from Brooklyn in the US, Campbell is a tattoo artist known for his strong graphic lines. For the collection, he created designs that are etched and sewn onto the leather surfaces of bags and shoes. Simple, rune-like scratches and stitches radiate into helixes and snakes into swirls as Campbell leaves his lasting mark. His designs can also be found in the embroidery, laser prints and jacquards of the collection. 

For more about this Berluti desert inspired fall/winter 2016 collection flip through the pages of Indonesia Tatler 2016 edition.

(Photo by Berluti)

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