Inspired by La Carte de Tendre, a map of an imaginary land that was written in a novel by Madeleine de Scudéry and published in 1654, Gucci Women’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection creates an expression of playfulness of crossing urban spaces.

Adapted from an unconventional approach of exploring unknown places across the globe, Gucci has created a vibrant translation in its shapes, textures and colours, which is inspired by the dynamism of different cities around the world. 

Gucci believes that getting lost is the opportunity for learning something new, and discovering amazing things. Therefore, this season, the clash of colours and geometries plays into account where flower patterns takes part, expressing the breeze of a spring.

Referring to La Carte de Tendre, this collection creates a small atlas of emotions; a treasure chest of beauty onto which patterns and craftsmanship are interwoven in a stunning island of imagination.


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