When it comes to socks, should they match your trousers or your shoes, and how much should one experiment with patterns? In our latest edition of Gentlemen's Guide, we shed some light on this matter:


  1. Match your trousers

Photo: Moses Ng/Hong Kong Tatler

A gentleman's socks should match his trousers rather than his shoes, as socks are often seen as an extension of the suit.

If you are wearing a solid coloured suit, a pair of patterned socks in complementary colours will look great. On the flipside, solid-coloured socks pair best with patterned suits.


2. Play with contrast 

Photo: Moses Ng/Hong Kong Tatler

When wearing a light-coloured suit, you have the option of matching your socks with your shoes rather than the suit itself. A darker pair of socks will add contrast to your overall look, especially those with a subtle pattern or texture.

Whatever you do, steer clear of socks in neutral, tan or beige tones when wearing light-coloured suits, as they can look rather bland and boring. 


3. Casual days

Photo: Moses Ng/Hong Kong Tatler

White socks may seem like a safe choice for casual days, but they should really only be worn when doing some form of physical activity such as sports. As an alternative, stay classy even on your off days by pairing your sneakers with subtly patterned dress socks.

When in doubt, a pair of high-quality black socks will never go wrong whether you're wearing a suit or jeans and when it comes to patterns, sticking to dots and stripes are the safest bets.


Source: hk.asiatatler.com

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