We recently had the pleasure of an exclusive sneak peek of Gucci’s fall/winter 2018 collection in Hong Kong, and in the collection, Gucci is truly challenging the disciplinary power of identity. So instead of boxing its work into certain fixed categories, Gucci has decided to forgo the concept of classification and initiate collaborations with unexpected partners like Paramount Pictures, the New York Yankees, and a manga series entitled Viva! Volleyball by Chikae Ide. The result is an entire collection that looks unregulated but which still moves in a cohesive manner as a whole. From these collaborations, we can see that Gucci’s Creative Director Alessandro Michele has recognised that the regulative strategies in the normal world are seductive and that people tend to stick to certain categorisations to maintain their positions within social structures. So Michele decided to remove all forms of categorisation and spin his creative genius into the brand’s fall/winter collection in which we can see the concept of identity dissolving. This is a world in which men’s suits can be worn by women and women’s skirts can be worn by men. With such concepts in mind, Alessandro has centred the entire collection on an entity known as the Cyborg: a being free from all kinds of categorisation and classification.






HK FW2018 Press and VIP Presentation_1274_0056 dfa.jpg

HK FW2018 Press and VIP Presentation_1274_0200.jpg


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