With the rise in demand for men’s fashion in the country, it’s not surprising that the annual male-focused fashion show held by Plaza Indonesia returned bigger and brighter for its seventh time. The Plaza Indonesia Men’s Fashion Week was held from September 21 to 24 and featured 13 men’s fashion brands from 11 Indonesian designers.

Held at The Warehouse, located on the fifth floor at the mall, this year’s theme got its inspiration from Gen-Y “The Millennials”. With its new location that can accommodate up to 6,500 people, the venue was transformed into a masculine sanctuary with an all-white floor, a long row of seats and a high-backed projection screen: a major upgrade from last year’s.

The four-day event also attested to the surge in men’s fashion by the exciting collection presented by the young talented designers in which each provided 40 variant looks for their respective shows.

The first day saw three shows from Rama Dauhan, Feby Haniv and Alleira Batik. The first is a rising designer who made his debut with “Eccentrica”: a collection that is colourful with youthful and asymmetrical designs and intricate motifs set against an animated backdrop giving the audience a notion of the balanced vigour of the free-spirited man. 

For her latest collection, designer Feby Haniv found inspiration from author Edgar Allen Poe’s short stories, which balance romance with suspense. The designer uses fabrics like jacquard, satin and faux leather croco, matching them with bold colours such as black, grey and red in a variety of suits, blazers and tailored shirt. Meanwhile, Alleira Batik presented a refreshing collection aimed at travellers in shirts, pyjama shirts and bomber jackets, to name a few, all embellished with batik patterns and worn with sneakers or high boots.

Fashion label Populo Batik celebrated contemporary batik clothing on the second day. With this year’s theme of “Reversed”, the collection utilised three different technique patterns: embossing, embellishment, and elongated, resulting in unique variations made up of monochromic colours, such as grey, black and white.

Rama Dauhan

Alleira Batik

Feby Haniv

Populo Batik

ESMOD Jakarta

Parang Kencana

Iwan Tirta

(X) S.M.L

Danjyo Hiyoji

No'om | no'mi


The collection saw relaxed and androgynous designs showcased in kimono capes, shirts, sweatshirts, short pants and even a hoodie jacket. Elsewhere, Indonesia’s very own fashion school ESMOD Jakarta gathered up 11 of its alumni to exhibit dynamic looks and designs: sleeveless asymmetrical jackets paired with shorts in white, pop-art print sweaters with high necks matched with checked-pattern shorts to monochromic long leather coats with acid-wash pants.

The third day welcomed renowned batik label Iwan Tirta Private Collection, which flaunted its 24 pieces in the “Swantara” collection adorned with gorgeous motifs called nitik, adapted from ancient Indian patola motifs, in a wide range of designs: long and short sleeves, bespoke suits and modern sarongs as seen worn by Indonesian film star Reza Rahadian, who made a special appearance on the runway.

Another batik label, Parang Kencana, displayed its collection in a unique presentation: a throng of male models strutted down the runway wearing various batik designs in soft palettes, including T-shirts, vests and kimono-inspired shirts with cowboy hats and Japanese face painting.

The final day teamed three celebrated fashion labels. The first stop was (X) S.M.L, which presented “Amalgam” as this year’s theme’s by exploring the duality of human nature as seen in its men’s attire made up of sports jackets, well-cut trench coats with asymmetrical buttons paired with silky silver trouser, and white hoodie jackets worn with black pants and jackets tied around the waist.

Furthermore, popular streetwear label Danjyo Hiyoji collaborated with urban youth community Generation G for its vibrant street look, including oversized coats, jackets, sweatshirts and T-shirts with camouflage patterns and dominating colours, while No'om | no'mi by designer Soetjipto Hoeijaja returned with another black-dominated menswear and womenswear collection that was paraded by slew of famous personas, including actress Tatyana Akman, fashion blogger Olivia Lazuardy and Indonesian national swimmer Glenn Victor Sutanto.

Last, but not least, Sky.Inc closed the red-blooded event with an energetic casualwear collection made up of amalgamation of bright colours accompanied by party props like balloons and inflatable pool toys.

(Photo Credit: Plaza Indonesia)

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