Packing for a business trip is different from packing for a vacation. As ideal as packing light would be, a gentleman should always be prepared for any occasion—be it a meeting, a cocktail event or a casual coffee. Read on to find out how to pack smarter for your next business trip:

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Pack for the weather
While travelling to a cold country means you can layer and reuse different pieces, packing for hot, humid or tropical climates can be a challenge. Be sure to pack enough shirts and underwear—showing up drenched in sweat or smelling like you are doesn't make a great impression. Accessories like sunglasses, raincoats, and umbrellas can also come in handy when dealing with unfavourable climates.

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Go travel-sized
As frequent travellers, we love everything travel-sized. But if your favourite grooming products don't come in in handy, check-in friendly packaging, fret not. Investing in some travel-sized containers means you can pack your favourite shampoo and fragrances with you everywhere you go.

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Have an outfit for every occasion
As a general rule of thumb, a suitcase for a week-long business trip should include two suits, one blazer, two pairs of trousers, seven dress shirts, two pairs of dress shoes, and accessories including dress belts, pocket squares, neckties, and dress socks.

You should also pack a casual outfit like a polo shirt and light-coloured trousers for more casual meetings, or for exploring during your down-time—if you're so lucky.



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