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Henry Jacques’ newest perfume collection, les toupies, “Mr. H & Mrs. Y” are the first couple of fragrances produced by the brand and are part of a rare collection of masterpieces. These hand-blown crystal creations are the result of more than three years of development and specifically designed for those with endless passion for art, historical French craftsmanship, and olfactory know-how. Mr. H & Mrs. Y are part of the Les Toupies— Spinning Tops by Henry Jacques, wrought from a whimsical realm of emotions and storytelling that expresses inner dreams, childhood fantasy, and initial love that remains, as everything, in the elegant complexity of life’s journey, then changes and fades away.

These latest pieces express the love stories between a couple through Mr. H & Mrs. Y, and contain iconic and glamorous fragrances in each. Mr. H was actually created 40 years ago and consists of a rich and masculine scent carrying notes of cedar leaf, geranium, sandalwood, tobacco, amber, and patchouli. It is made to be one of a kind, and gives the feeling of modernism, youth, and audacity, and yet it is timeless. It also contains wisdom and serenity emanating from within.

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Mrs. Y, meanwhile, consists of a French feminine and elegant scent of ylang-ylang, rose damascenia, jasmine, iris, wild lily of the valley and tonka beans. It is an unconditional scent that is not attached to a certain season or time of the day, which makes it suitable to wear at any time. It is created for women who understand that true grace is not something that should radiate all around but rather reveal itself through the details of one’s personality.

The scents are contained in a bottle that was designed beautifully by Artistic Director Christophe Tollemer to be multifaceted and symmetrical, but with no central point yet stable enough to hold precious nectars inside it. The hand-blown structural equilibrium was difficult to made and therefore became an incredible achievement once the perfume was added.

Screen Shot 2019-06-10 at 4.51.50 PM.pngAs the expression of inner dreams and a childhood fantasy, the flacons can be spun as an imagination of a great celestial dance and carousel. They are made to look attractive: simple but fascinating, and to feel good when held. The Man flacon is slightly larger than the Woman, with a capacity of 50ml for the Man and 35ml for the Woman. What makes them unique is that no matter how you place them, synergies appear and their curves seem to respond to each other as a representation of true love.

The Toupies are imagined as a great fresco filled with myriad stories and characters. With the extraordinary and well-made flacon design and the elegant and modern yet timeless scent of the perfume, Henry Jacques has once again added another more original and intriguing collection in his Les Toupies series. This collection expresses the immensity and fragility of life and its many romances.