Some 25 years ago this year, Hermès unveiled a breakthrough concept in watchmaking: the Hermès Cape Cod. The idea was inspired by the house’s chaîne d’ancre link.

The Artistic Director of Hermès and the designer of the watch, Henri d'Origny, developed a design of a square inside a rectangle and it became an instant classic. With its aesthetics, it's little wonder that the watch achieved global renown. But the popularity of the watch skyrocketed when a double-wrap version was introduced for Martin Margiela's Hermès debut in 1998.

To honour and celebrate 25 years of Hermès Cape Cod, the brand has just unveiled the latest Hermès Cape Cod and it’s as stylish as ever. The timepiece is a complete revamp of the classic Hermès Cape Cod, but with the development of new gem-setting techniques and interchangeable straps in a rainbow of vivid colours, like electric blue, iris, capucine, veronese green, ultraviolet, and tomato red, its ageless appeal has been given a contemporary update.

There are several new models, and now a men's model also comes with a cuff-style wristband as well. Trimmed with mother-of-pearl and fine stone dials—onyx, used in equal measure by the Art-Deco and Bauhaus art movements, and lapis lazuli which is a perfect match for the Cape Cod—keeping track of time has never been more elegant.

Photo credit: Hermès

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